5 Minutes of Fabulous: 5 tips on how to ease anxiety

Good Morning Beautiful!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling so drained by my anxiety and I desperately need a break. Can you relate?

Can you notice when you're most anxious? Is it before a date with someone you like? On your way into the office? Or before having a tough conversation? When you are driving to a dentist appointment? Or do you feel anxiety at the thought of where you’ll be in 5 years?

Below are 5 tips and tricks that help me with my free-floating anxiety and my hope is that they help you too.

1. Think about this: A husband and wife holding hands are on a leisurely stroll. The husband asks his wife, “Honey, how are you feeling about our vacation in two weeks?” The wife wisely cracks back, “I don’t feel any type of way because we aren’t on our vacation yet.” Can you try living a little bit more like the wise wife and letting go of expectations and anxiety around upcoming events?

2. Come back to the now: When someone asks, “how are you?” can you take that as an opportunity to give an honest answer about how you’re feeling right now? If you can be in the moment, you may notice that you are safe, that blood is pumping through your veins, and that you are still here on this earth.

3. For the next conversation that makes you feel nervous: I recently had to have a conversation with someone important in my corporate job. In the week leading up to this conversation I felt totally anxious about what I was going to say, and if I would be perceived as smart and charming. As I was rehearsing the conversation, I realized that I was wasting my time and energy in the present moment preparing for a conversation that hadn’t happened yet. Having nerve wrecking conversations are an opportunity for us to be more in the moment. When we remember to take a beat, breathe, and let go of what we’ll say, it gives us a chance to actually have a conversation and a connection rather than a nerve-racking one-sided lecture.

4. When everything feels just too overwhelming: Report to your nearest bathroom and take three deep breaths. For extra credit, remind yourself that everything is temporary.

5. For the next time you catch yourself in a social media rabbit hole feeling anxious about how you’re living life: Power down. I feel anxiety about being so connected to my phone and available for anyone to reach me. When my tech gets the best of me, I give myself permission to power down. I put my phone on airplane mode or do not disturb. I block off time in my calendar and notify my team that I’ll be unavailable.

Do any of these concepts land with you? Would you be willing to try one of them today?

Love you always.


Nina Daisy

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