5 Minutes of Fabulous: What are you loyal to?

Hi sweetheart,

What are you loyal to?

In the popular song, "Loyalty", the sultry goddess, Rihanna, sings “Tell me who you loyal to. Do it start with your woman or your man? Do it end with your family and friends? Or you’re loyal to yourself in advance?”

I don’t know about you, but at any given time in my life I’ve been loyal to negativity, to self-doubt, misery, suffering. I’ve been loyal to my past, my family’s struggles, to negative self-talk, and to what other people think of me. I’ve been loyal to eating my feelings, playing it safe, and hoping other people think I’m cool.

So, what about you? What are you loyal to?

Are you loyal to taking care of others before yourself? Are you loyal to sparkling positivity and sunshine for others? Are you loyal to your Instagram and distracting yourself with technology? Are you loyal to worrying about the future? Or reliving your past?

Regardless of where your loyalty lies, we can always change what we are loyal to.

We can do it right now.

We can decide to be loyal to feeling good and go for a walk. We can shift our loyalty to spending time with people that make us smile and not people that need us to smile for them. We have the power to be loyal to our souls and stick up for ourselves. We can choose to be loyal to being in this moment, move slower, and noticing our inner critic.

Our loyalty is directly connected to our life energy and we all can be pickier about what we spend our life energy on.

What loyalty can you let go of that doesn’t serve your life energy? What makes you feel depleted and spread too thin?

How can you rebirth your loyalty? Would you be willing to be loyal to making your life energy feel like a free flying, feisty, sassy orange butterfly? (see pic above of the most fabulous butterfly I met in a garden in New Orleans).

How about being loyal to showing up more tenderly with yourself and taking a moment to ask the question?

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.

Sending you all my love always.


Nina Daisy

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