5 Minutes of Fabulous: What's NOT wrong?

Happy Friday Beautiful!

What’s NOT wrong?

What’s NOT wrong right now?

Last night’s sunset wasn’t wrong. Snuggles aren’t wrong. Morning walks (especially in the flats of Beverly Hills) aren’t wrong.

Take a beat and ask yourself, what’s NOT wrong?

The brilliant Geneen Roth (the godmother of radical self-care and food psychology) says, “I’d tried versions of not fixing myself before, but always with the secret hope that not fixing myself would fix me.”

Does this resonate with you?

I’ll tell ya, it certainly resonates with me.

I just got back from an epic four-day trip to New Orleans to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. I unconsciously dropped all my “fix me” tools i.e. meditation, journaling, self-development books, vitamins, etc. I do believe that these tools are absolutely fabulous when we have no expectations and when we practice them because they feel good. But in the case of my trip, I dropped every traditional self-care technique I’d ever learned and traded it in for what felt good in the moment.

I let go of the fixing, the journey towards zen-like peace and let myself get drunk.

Really drunk. Like four martinis drunk.

I stumbled into jazz clubs, ate beignets at midnight, and spent hours going for hand-held strolls. During some of these moments I found myself judging my decisions and then I quickly let the judgement go and gave myself permission to live without fear.

In an effort to drop my own personal quest for fixing what has never been broken (me, my body, my soul), I’ll share what I know to be true. When we cultivate self-awareness, kindness towards ourselves and others, and a good set of boundaries, that’s when we can trust our deepest self and know for sure that we are NOT wrong.

It would mean everything to me if you’d share what’s coming up for you with me! Simply respond directly to this email and we can connect!

Sending you all my love always.


Nina Daisy

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