5 Minutes of Fabulous: My favorite self-care practice for being your most fabulous at werk!

Good Morning my sweet mini muffin! Can all the perfectionists please stand up? I’m a recovering perfectionist. Even now, I notice my need for control and my expectation for perfection rearing its ugly head every now and again. Especially in my career. The same is true for one of my private coaching clients. She’s an extremely talented, bright, and successful corporate executive that suffers deeply from self-imposed perfection in her work. My client strives to show up perfectly while she’s on the job and especially when her boss, team members, and colleagues ask her questions in meetings. When this happens, she feels as though she has to have an answer right away. This self-expectation creates stress, insecurity, overwhelm, and negativity on top of stumbling though half-baked answers. Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a meeting and questions are directed your way that you feel you have to answer right away? Or when your boss asks you a question you feel like you have to know the correct thing to say right in that moment? Or in your personal life, your children or your partner will rattle off tons of questions your way about where you’re having dinner, what your weekend plans are, etc. and you’ll become completely shook? We’ve all been there. So why do we feel like we “need” to have the answers right away? For my client, the answer is that she doesn’t want to disappoint her team and she strives for her managers and co-workers to think that she is smart and doing a good job. Totally understandable, right? We all feel this way. In the case that you feel this way too, I want to challenge you to question your beliefs with the following prompts: 1. Do you know how bright and talented you are? How are you already doing a good job in your work? Do you believe that you are good enough just as you are right now? 2. Have you ever answered a question by saying, “Can I take some time to marinate on the question? I want to think more deeply on this and I’ll get back with you.” What fears, if any, come up at the thought of answering a question like this? 3. If your boss, co-worker, friend, husband, asked for more time to ruminate on a question, would you think that they’re dumb or not doing a good enough job? Who do you know in your life who handles stressful situations with grace? What qualities do you notice about these people? One of my favorite things about life is that we can implement change right now! Yes, as you’re reading this, change is occurring because you are thinking differently. With that, you can choose to try the following techniques: 1. Ask for time- it’s literally one of my favorite self-care practices! Give yourself a beat and ask for some time to marinate on the questions, projects and expectations that are being asked of you. 2. Remind yourself that you are the expert on you! You know what’s best for you, how you like to work, and what you need in order to feel supported and successful. Remind yourself of that at all times! 3. Practice self-compassion. We let other people off the hook all the time. We don’t blink an eye when someone else asks for more time to think about something, yet we’re extremely hard on ourselves when we may need it. Try letting yourself off the hook and remind yourself that you love and approve of yourself regardless of the situation. I’d love to hear from you! Do you struggle with self-imposed perfectionism in your job? Do you notice that you stumble in meetings, feel overwhelm and negativity when it comes to your work? If so, please comment below! I also want to remind you that I offer private coaching in-person and over the phone. I accept clients based on a waitlist and I’m currently offering FREE consultation calls for anyone who is willing to consider making their busy life feel more fabulous! You can schedule your call with me now by clicking here. Wishing you the most wonderful weekend filled with joy, love, fabulousness, and letting yourself marinate on all questions that come your way! Xo, Nina Daisy

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