5 Minutes of Fabulous: Do Less & Accomplish More

Good Morning Beautiful,

Let’s take a stroll together down the path of least resistance.

Imagine effortless ease and abandoned carefreeness.

Think about a beautiful flower and how flowers never try to bloom, they just do. Flowers don’t have to do a damn thing and they accomplish everything.

What this looks like in our lives is having a faint idea of what we want, and then the manifestation of the idea develops effortlessly, spontaneously and without friction, drama or bullshit.

So how do we do this? How do we manifest a loving, tender, passionate partner? Or that killer job in the field that we are most passionate about? Or the most wonderful and warm group of friends?

Do less and allow love and fun to motivate our actions.

The first thing we can do is accept that this exact moment is exactly as it should be.

Feeling down in the dumps because you haven’t found the love of your life or your body doesn’t look or feel the way you want it to?


Take a breath and recognize this moment- the one we’re experiencing right now- is simply a culmination of all the moments we’ve experienced in our past.

Babies, we can wish for things in our future to be different, but in this moment, we can choose to accept things as they are.

When we can embrace the present and allow ourselves to sink into what is, we can experience a fire, a glow, and so many sparkles. Try it! Give yourself a beat to sit and accept where you are right here and right now.

Do you feel a little more lighthearted? Do you feel a smidge bit closer to freedom?

How can you follow the path of least resistance today?

I’ve included a few personal examples of how I “do less and accomplish more”:

  • Relinquishing the need to convince people to either like me or see my point of view.

  • Accepting the frustrations of being in traffic and letting myself feel peace in the opportunity to have some extra time to myself.

  • Taking 1-3 things off my to-do list.

  • Focusing on my experience in any given situation. Asking myself, “how can I have more fun right now?”

  • Doing things that feel easy i.e. taking a stroll, taking a nap, going bra-less, having a glass of wine, ordering in food, soaking in a hot bath for 10 minutes.

When we remain open to all points of views and all possibilities and we do that with love, our dreams and desires will flow and bloom just like the most beautiful flowers.

What’s coming up for you?


Nina Daisy

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