5 Minutes of Fabulous: Are we scaring ourselves out of being our most fabulous selves?

Happy Friday you sweet lil mini muffin you! Hope your morning is sweet and delightful- just like YOU!

I am writing to you this morning on the heels of my solo trip to Austin, Texas. This year I decided to take my yearly solo adventure to Lake Austin Spa Resort where I pushed myself to try all types of new things like paddle boarding, kayaking, and yoga on a paddle board, just to name a few.

What I’ll tell you is that I was scared as all hell. I actually terrorized myself with frightful thoughts of falling into the 30-foot-deep lake that I was paddling in. I was stand-up paddle boarding and when I stood up for the first time I imagined the worst possible thing happening.

I took some light nervousness and turned it into a big monster. In a moment when I was conquering a fear, trying something new, and in the presence of the lushest landscape, I expected the worst out of life.

Alas, I was able to catch myself in this mental dark hole and decided to choose again. I took long deep breathes, bent my knees, and paddled towards the “diamonds” on the lake. I started to imagine myself gliding on the water and floating down the lake with ease and grace. I then decided to let myself backward free fall into the water as a way to make my fear my bitch!

Do you ever notice how we make situations way worse than they actually are? How many of us go to bed at night creating the worst possible scenario of a problem? We turn small problems into big ones, expecting the worst to happen, and often plan our own funerals. It’s a terrible way to live.

I have clients that feel this way especially in dating and relationships. One of my clients didn’t get a text from a guy she was dating and immediately decided that she was unlovable, and she shouldn’t be dating at all. Can you relate?

We do the exact same thing with our jobs. Someone makes a comment at work, and we begin to think we’re going to be fired or that our co-workers can’t stand us. We build up these paralyzing thoughts in our minds and they actually end up becoming negative affirmations. It’s like we are begging for something terrible to happen.

If you find yourself constantly reviewing a negative thought or situation in your mind, try finding an image of something you would like to replace it with! I like to replace my negative thoughts with an image of myself twirling in a pretty skirt, holding balloons and flowers! You can try imagining a beautiful view, a sunset, your lover’s face smiling at you, your children playing, or anything that you love. Use that image as your switcheroo every time you scare yourself.

Be patient with yourself as everything takes practice. But who knows, with a little practice you may break the habit of scaring yourself and you may decide to pick up the habit of showing up as your most fabulous self!

Share with me, boo thang! Do you terrorize yourself with the scaries? In what area of your life do you expect the worst? Please feel free to reply to this email and connect with me!

Wishing you the most fabulous weekend!


Nina Daisy

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