5 Minutes of Fabulous: Is it possible to be a Financial Rockstar?

Good Morning Sugar Puff,

Hope your Friday is off to a gorgeous start!

How are you feeling about your current financial situation? Are you living the lifestyle you want and feel abundance flowing in your life?

Or do you feel “stuck” and have negative vibes about paying your bills?

Regardless of your current financial situation, you can develop a “Financial Rockstar” mindset that’ll empower you to feel fabulous and radiate abundance from the inside out.

Here are 5 tips to become a fabulous Financial Rockstar:

  1. Accept that our finances are just like our weight- it fluctuates. I work in sales and I’ve had plenty of times in my career where I’ve made less money than the year prior. Have you had months where you’ve felt more strapped for cash? What helps me most is remembering that my life and my business is cyclical and that the bad times and the good times are both temporary.

  2. Pay yourself first. Before I pay my rent or bills, I always pay myself first. I know I’m worth having a savings account and I always prioritize this. I also usually have a trip that I’m saving up for and will also contribute to that fund as well. Regardless of how much you make, it’s a spiritual self-care practice to put yourself first and pay yourself (even if it’s $10).

  3. We can absorb the cost. I recently got a tax bill for $3,500 that I wasn’t expecting. I was momentarily thrown for a loop, I felt my chest tighten up, and a pang of fear hit my tummy. I took a beat and a deep breath. I decided to not let the bill ruin my day and decided to affirm my abundance. In that moment I told myself “If I have to pay this I can absorb the cost.” I didn’t allow the bill to have power over me and I decided that I would make a few phone calls, affirm that I would handle the situation quickly, and that if I had to pay any portion of the bill, that ultimately, I’d absorb the cost and move on with my life. My point is that if you believe in your personal worth and your abilities, there is no bill too high that you can’t absorb the cost and move forward.

  4. Be astonished by what we already have. What we focus on grows and the best way to be a Financial Rockstar is to acknowledge all the fabulousness that exists in your life. Matt and I have been slowly saving for a house and while we continue to save, we’ve decided to redecorate our current apartment. We are doing this because we know that if we fully enjoy and appreciate our current space, we will energetically be calling in our future space that we will also love. What is lovely in your life right now? What do you already have that astonishes you?

  5. Affirm. Are you one of those people that constantly says how poor you are? Do you tout that “money doesn’t grow on trees”? Of that you “need money to make money”? When you notice and become aware of these limiting beliefs, it’s an opportunity for you to reprogram your subconscious and replace these thoughts with positive affirmations, such as, “I am abundant”, “I trust in the process of life”, “I have everything I need, and my heart is open to receive all good things”.

I wrote this post for anyone who feels like they are struggling financially. I’ll be honest, I don’t always feel like a Financial Rockstar and I often feel tacky even bringing up the topic of money. What I know to be true is that if you know your worth you know that it’s imperative to keep your financial vibration high. That means loving yourself enough to save. Loving yourself enough to spend. And always remembering that thoughts become things- so keep your thoughts and beliefs loving and positive.

I’ve coached several women on soulful spending and on how to ask for a promotion- if you have any questions please feel free to simply reply to this email.

I love you always, abundant babes!


Nina Daisy

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