5 Minutes of Fabulous: How NOT to be disappointed by friends or family

Good Morning Gorgeous,

Hope your week has been filled with ease and lots of sunshine.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve felt disappointed in my relationships with my friends and family. I’ve felt let down, hurt, ignored, and sad. These feelings got me digging deeper within myself and gave me an opportunity to dissect my closest relationships.

I thought a lot about friends that have come and gone in my life, family members that I haven’t spoken to in years, and work relationships that have faded away. I noticed that I wrote off a lot of good-hearted people because of my expectations. What I came to realize is that I’ve been expecting the people in my life to please me in every way.

Do you notice that we put this expectation (especially on our family and friends) that they’re supposed to show up for us in every aspect of our lives?

We’ve heard it a million times, it’s impossible to change people and make them what we like. Period.

But what if we try to understand our friends and family more and classify them to make them more worthwhile?

What if we enjoy each family member or friend in a special way that they excel at? Maybe if we focus on the quality that we like best in them then we’ll be able to avoid feeling irritated or disappointed by them?

I decided to create an exercise for myself (and in turn an exercise for YOU) to make a list of all my friends and family and to think of at least one quality that I like best about them. For example, Amanda (friend)- great listener, gets deep on what’s meaningful in life, the perfect person to call for a long, deep talk.

Now you try, sit down and think of all the people in your life and focus solely on the quality you like best about them and the ways that you like to spend time with them.

The real key here is to not expect more than one quality or specialty from the people in our lives. Because when we can find one thing that we like about someone and focus just on that quality, we then begin to live with more ease, love, optimism, and can become friends with almost everybody.

Now you try it! Make your list and think of least one quality that you enjoy about each person that is close to you. What comes up?


Nina Daisy

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