5 Minutes of Fabulous: How come we are never taught to reflect?

Good Morning my sweet lovelies!

It feels so fabulous to be writing to you after a couple of weeks away! How are you? How’s your summer been going so far?

I’m writing this morning because I’ve been thinking a lot about how we’re never taught to reflect. I remember when I was a kid that I would work really hard on a project, get an “A”, and then I’d move on. No one ever asked me to consider sitting down and taking the time to reflect on what I did right or for me to think more about the steps I took and how I felt during the process.

Haven’t you ever noticed that we aren’t ever really taught to reflect?

We are taught to work hard, reach the goal, accomplish, acquire new things, and then move the fuck on. We have to be nudged (often by someone else) to take the time to reflect, to make time for self-inquiry, and most importantly to connect to our souls.

Which is why I want to nudge you!

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my birthday and during this time I felt it was important for me to reflect on my life, my joy, and what I consider to be fabulous. I created a mid-year exercise for myself and I’d like to share it with you!

As we go into July, we have six more months in 2018, it’s a fantastic time for you to check-in with how you’re doing, how you want to spend your time, and what you really want out of the rest of this year. My hope is that the exercise I created for myself will help you reflect and help you create a fabulous life, no matter how busy you are!

So set some time aside, make yourself a cup of tea, light a candle, grab your journal, your favorite pen and dive in!

  1. What am I craving in my life right now?

  2. What am I ready to let go of?

  3. What am I ready to receive in my life?

  4. What are my goals and/or intentions for the next six months?

  5. If I weren’t afraid, what would my career look like?

  6. If I weren’t afraid, where would I travel?

  7. If I weren’t afraid, what would my relationships look like?

  8. If I were to die in one year, how would I live my life differently now?

  9. What do I want to do more of in the next six months?

  10. If I were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would I most regret not having told someone? Why haven’t I told them yet?

  11. What books do I want to read in the next six months?

  12. If money was in complete abundance, what would I treat myself to? Now refer back to question 8.

  13. Create 3 “I am” statements that make you feel fabulous. i.e. I am calm. I am bliss. I am love.

How does taking the time to reflect feel to you? Do you feel like you need nudging? Are you wondering why you don’t do this more often?

Share with me! I always love to hear from you and my hope is that this loving self-inquiry helps you as much as it helped me!


Nina Daisy

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