5 Minutes of Fabulous: How do you know it's time to slow down?

Good Morning beautiful darling!

I hope your Friday morning is delightful and that you’re geared up for a relaxing, fun-filled weekend!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been craving the sweet slowness and surrender of summer. I remember being a kid and savoring my summer break. I would sleep in, eat peaches and mangoes for breakfast, swim in our pool, and take naps in the sun.

I’m craving all that and more right about now. What about you?

Are you jonesing for empty time and space in your calendar to just be?

Does your mouth water at the thought of watermelon, pineapple, or ice cream with sprinkles?

Would you do anything for some free time to sleep in, float in a pool, and read a book?

Let me tell you, my body, mind, and soul have been begging me to start slowing down.

I started to notice I was getting a sick a ton. I’ve been feeling like a sliver or myself- tired, low energy, and pessimistic. Have you noticed different times in your life when you’ve felt this way too?

The easy thing to do is label this as depression or some chronic syndrome, but the truth of the matter is that our magnificent bodies begin to showcase pain, illness, and fatigue as a big red flag as a signal that we simply need to slow down.

Because of this, I’m making the bold and uncomfortable decision to slow the fuck down. In all honesty, it’s often easier to push through, to keep saying yes to meetings and events, to rally to get the work down. But, for the sake of my body, mind, and spirit, I’m deciding to slow down.

I’m kicking off my summer by going on a two-week vacation with my boyfriend, Matt, to Mexico to celebrate our 10-year anniversary of dating as well as my birthday.

I plan to give myself the free time and space to go at the slowest pace and because of that, I’ll be dipping into the 5 Minutes of Fabulous archive over the next couple of weeks. You can also follow along with my fabulous and leisurely adventures on Instagram.

As I begin to slow down, I want to challenge you to start thinking about what slowing down looks like for you. How can you take your foot off the gas a bit and enjoy your summer?

What did you love most about summer when you were a kid? How can you incorporate some your favorite summer activities into your busy life now?

What are your favorite summer foods? Do you miss juicy nectarines or ice-cold popsicles?

Share with me! How do you plan to slow down and create more ease as we head into summer?

Simply comment below!

Love you always


Nina Daisy

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