5 Minutes of Fabulous: What happens when you listen to Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” every day f

Good morning darling, I recently saw the film “I Feel Pretty” with Amy Schumer and not only loved it, but I felt very moved by the message of the film. The core theme of the movie is all about how loving and accepting yourself can help you design the life you want to live. I highly recommend that you see this movie! (and no, this isn’t sponsored) After watching the film, I heard Amy Schumer in an interview say that in preparation for her role as a woman who realizes that she is the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet, that she would listen to Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” poem before heading to the set. This got me thinking that if listening to a poem can help someone play a role that personifies confidence and empowerment, why couldn’t it work for us in our everyday lives? Why couldn’t it work as inspiration for us to live our lives fearlessly and flawlessly and dare I say, fabulously? Over the last week, I set out to listen to “Phenomenal Woman” every day and to notice if I felt any shifts in my life. I listened to it during my morning meditation. I listened to it while in gridlock on the 405 freeway. I listened to it before heading into a business meeting. I listened to it after getting a “no” from a client. I listened to it and read it before bed. Here’s what happened… I noticed that I smiled at my reflection in the mirror more. I noticed that I was more relaxed in traffic. I noticed that I walked with my head held high and my chest raised. I noticed that I felt more appreciation for my breasts and for my legs. I noticed that I spoke with more authority and conviction in business meetings. I noticed that I started to feel more reverence for my femininity. I noticed that I didn’t have to try so hard. I noticed that I could speak with ease and grace and didn’t have to compete with others to command a room. You can read “Phenomenal Woman” below and you can listen to it here "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size But when I start to tell them, They think I’m telling lies. I say, It’s in the reach of my arms, The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. I say, It’s the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet. I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so much But they can’t touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them, They say they still can’t see. I say, It’s in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The ride of my breasts, The grace of my style. I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. Now you understand Just why my head’s not bowed. I don’t shout or jump about Or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing, It ought to make you proud. I say, It’s in the click of my heels, The bend of my hair, the palm of my hand, The need for my care. ’Cause I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. How do you feel? What comes up for you when you read this poem? If you want to learn more about showing up more in your life as a phenomenal woman, I’ll be teaching about this and so much more on May 15th! I’m hosting a New Moon Goddess Gathering in my West Hollywood home and there are only a few spots left for an evening filled with ritual, playfulness, and community. You can learn more here. Love you always! Xo, Nina Daisy

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