5 Minutes of Fabulous: Call in your authentic self

Good Morning Gorgeous!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

I’ve been thinking a lot about showing up as my most authentic self this week. Your authentic self is who you really are after all your titles and responsibilities are stripped away.

Your true identity is the soulful, eternal and divine being traveling through this human experience you call your life.

Your authentic self exists at a level of being woke and feeling lit that is often far beyond your current awareness.

The authentic self holds an immense amount of wisdom about our life and if we create a dialogue with this higher version of ourselves, we can resolve issues, find solutions, create stability, live from a place of calm confidence, and rebound from triggering situations at a faster rate.

Here is a quick exercise that you can use anytime you want to access your authentic self. Use this exercise to process your emotions, to set intentions, to manifest your dreams, and most importantly to lead a more positive, peaceful, healthy, and fabulous life overall. Beware by doing this exercise you will experience more ease and grace.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place, have a journal and pen by your side.

  2. Close your eyes and take three deep cleansing breaths. With each exhale, feel more tension leave your body. On the last exhale stay present in the silence for a few moments.

  3. When you feel centered, request that your authentic self be present. Don’t worry if you can’t feel any changes. Be assured that a shift is happening. Notice how a gentle calmness washes over you.

  4. With your eyes still closed, say either internally or out loud, “Authentic self, I ask for your guidance in co-creating my life, what do I need to know?” You can be as specific as you like about the issue or situation you are wanting to focus on.

  5. Open your eyes, pick up your pen, and start writing whatever comes to mind. Remember, you’re embodying your unconditionally loving, most bad-ass authentic self-right now. Trust and allow it to expand within you.

If you love learning more about these types of exercises that can help create more calm in your extremely busy life, I’ll be teaching about this and so much more on May 15th! I’m hosting a New Moon Goddess Gathering in my West Hollywood home and there are only a few spots left for an evening filled with ritual, playfulness, and community. You can learn more here.

Feel free to respond to this email if you would like to join!

I send you all my love and a big hug too!


Nina Daisy

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