5 Minutes of Fabulous: My favorite self-care rituals RN

Good Morning Darling! Hope you are up bright & early and giving yourself a lil time to ease into your Friday! I don’t know about you, but my interests change all the time. I get really into something for a couple of months and then I generally move onto new things or activities that pique my interest. I used to be really hard on myself for not sticking to specific things i.e. workout classes or diets but over time I’ve come to love and appreciate the fact that I’m constantly growing, shifting, and changing. With that, I want to share my favorite self-care rituals that I’m currently obsessed with! I’ve also included links so that you can dig in deeper, but my hope is that by reading my list, that it will inspire more clarity within you on your favorite self-care rituals. What perks you up? What makes you feel well-rested? What makes you feel powerful, cozy, taken care of? Marinate on these questions as you check out my list below! V-steam Also known as a vagina steam. Now before you freak, the vagina steam is an ancient Korean beauty ritual that consists of sitting on an open-seated stool above a steaming pot of water and medicinal herbs. Imagine being wrapped up in a billowing silk gown that goes over a small wooden toilet. Once you are seated on this throne of sorts, warm steaming herbs like rosemary, basil, mugwort waft up into your body. It’s divine. You sit in a communal room with other women during the v-steam experience, you can chit-chat, read an O magazine (like I did last weekend), and sip detox tea. Blissful, am I right? The benefits of a v-steam are seriously fabulous too! It can help regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles. Helps with bloating, fatigue, yeast infections. Can help treat fibroids and ovarian cysts. It can help you get pregnant (if that’s what you want) and can also ease menopausal symptoms. It’s an extremely soothing experience and a great way to show your vag a lil love! You can check out my favorite spa in LA that offers this service here. Tongue Scraping This has become one of my favorite rituals to do every morning! Scraping your tongue in the morning can give you clues as to how efficiently your digestive system is functioning. If your tongue is hella coated, like mine is this morning because I was at a concert event last night drinking way too much champagne, it means there is toxicity in your system. Don’t fret. Some days will be more coated than others and that’s all good. I’ll be honest, it took me a solid week to really get into this self-care ritual, but it quickly has become an awesome way for me to get rooted in my body and investigate what’s going on in my system. My favorite tongue scraper is here- I’m hooked on the cooper ones! Self-care infused with cannabis Yes, you read that correctly. Yours truly is a corporate executive, a lifestyle & self-esteem coach, AND I also enjoy cannabis. When I’m not smoking an organic joint while I’m in the tub, I love to use CBD oil. CBD oil is extracted directly from the hemp plant and has very little THC in it- so think calm like the Dali Lama and less like Cheech & Chong stoned, do you catch my drift? I’ve started putting CBD oil into my chamomile tea at night and it’s extremely soothing. I’ve also started using CBD lotion and will massage that into my tired, heel-wearin’ feet right before bed. Both products are extremely therapeutic and do not get you stoned. You can find my favorite CBD oil products here. If you’re interested in learning more about self-care rituals and oh, so much more, I’ll be hosting a fun & fabulous new moon goddess gathering at my home on 5/15. More details here You can respond to this email and let me know if you can make it or if you have any questions about the rituals! Wishing you a relaxing weekend! Xo, Nina Daisy

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