5 Minutes Of Fabulous: Can We Meet? I'm Hosting An Event In My Home- Can You Join?

Happy Friday, my love! I'm very excited to announce that I'll be hosting a live event and you're invited to join! Over the last several months, I've been coaching woman from all over the globe and am loving every second of it! Recently, I've been craving more in-person connection and am yearning for more sisterhood and community. I would love to meet you, connect more, and have fun together! Which is why I am simply over the moon to invite you to join me for a live, in-person event taking place in Los Angeles next month! I want to help you feel more playful, sensual, and lit up. I want you to flirt, dance, and sparkle in any room that you walk into. I want you to be able to enjoy being a woman by tapping into your wildness and softness. The goal is to be fun and light in the boardroom, bedroom, or the grocery store. As women it is our birthright to be playful, fun, wild, light, and sensual. Let me show you how! I'm inviting 8 women into my LA home for an intimate and fun-filled New Moon Goddess gathering focused all around beauty, playfulness, and connecting more to our sensuality.

A preview of what you'll learn: Why it's important to set your intentions How to connect deeper with your feminine cycle How tapping into your playful and wild sides can help you in your relationships and in your career Why feeling beautiful, free, and sexy is an inside job Rituals around femininity, sensuality & beauty that you can use for the rest of your life An opportunity to restore the fun-loving, light-hearted, and fabulous energy that is inside of YOU!

What you'll experience: Live curriculum + coaching + support Community + sisterhood Intention setting Beauty + wellness tips Create your own hydrosol mist that will hydrate your skin, bring you peace, and that will support your growth + happiness- this is a goody that you get to take home with you! Yummy + vibrant veggies, fruit & bubbly champagne Date: Tuesday May 15th (New Moon) Time & Place: 7pm pst at my West Hollywood home Food: Vibrant fruits & veggies, decadent chocolates & drinks aka light nibbles + champagne Pricing: $40/person Simply email me at nina.sasson@ninasasson.com if you have questions or would like to join in on the fun! Love you always, Xo Nina Daisy

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