5 Minutes of Fabulous: If we make one small shift will it make us happier?

Good Morning Gorgeous!

I want to let you in on a conversation I had with one of my co-workers this week. It went a little something like this…

Me: (Notices co-worker eating lunch in the office kitchen) Hey! Oh wow! Looks like you made yourself a gorgeous lunch today. What did you make?

Him: I think chicken. I mean fish.

Me: (laughing) What kind of fish?

Him: I think salmon?

Me: You think? Where are you right now?

Him: I’m in my phone. Honestly, I don’t really remember what kind of fish it was.

Darling, this is no joke. I did actually have this conversation and documented it in my journal right after it occurred because it made me feel confused and sad, but also made me laugh.

My hope is that we'll always be able to recall what we just ate for lunch because we are worth that and so much more.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling drained, exhausted and always on recently. Can you relate? I’ve noticed that my weekends haven’t felt as restorative as I’d like them to as I’ve been working, checking e-mail, and when I’m not doing that, I’m all in my head about checking my phone.

In an effort to feel free, light, and fabulous, I decided to experiment with a few shifts in my digital consumption this week.

On Monday, I downloaded an app called Moment that tracks how much you use your phone each day. If you’re using your phone too much, you can set daily limits on yourself and be notified to come back to your life and spend your time in different ways. Simply noticing how many times a day I look at my phone and the amount of time I spend on it, made me aware of how much I’ve been escaping into my phone.

On Tuesday, I spent about an estimated two hours of my day looking at my phone. By using the Moment app, I realized that a lot of this time took place in the morning. Another small shift I made was charging my phone outside of my bedroom so that I could spend my time differently the next morning.

On Wednesday, I woke up naturally with the sun. I allowed myself to sleep in a bit and instead of looking at my phone first thing in the morning, I wrote out a short gratitude list, did some yoga, said some affirmations, and meditated. It felt awesome! I could feel the happiness wash over me like a warm kiss that feels like caramel on the lips.

On Thursday, I put my phone in my nightstand during dinner. Having a tech-free dinner made me more aware of my body. Without my phone, I took an extra-long beat to plant my feet on the ground. I lightly sipped in air through my mouth, held my breath, and sighed it all out before I even picked up my fork. I noticed the colors of my squash, brussel sprouts, and stewed kale. I smelled the cumin on my rice. I was alive with my meal and my lil cell phone was tucked away and cozy in my nightstand drawer. Pure bliss.

Today I plan to join my family for our Passover Seder. My intention is to put my phone on airplane mode tonight, so that I can still use my phone as a camera, but not be connected to the outer world. By doing this, my hope is that I can more easily engage with people right in front of me, stay connected to my body, soul, and intuition, and to savor the time with my folks.

If we make one small shift will it make us happier? From my experience, the answer is a hell yasssss, henny!!!

I’m curious, what small shifts would you like to make? Do you feel addicted to your phone? Do you feel like it’s getting in the way of your happiness?

What’s coming up for you?

Wishing you a relaxing weekend filled with a little less tech than usual!


Nina Daisy

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