5 Minutes of Fabulous: Can self-care exist in corporate America?

Bonjour Darling!

You may not think that working a fifty-hour week and self-care should be in the same sentence, but I’m here to tell you that the two can certainly exist together!

Did you know that I’ve been working in corporate America for the last nine years? When I’m not coaching women on how to add more fabulous to their everyday lives, I’m busy strutting around a boardroom and typing away in a cubicle (mind you, it’s a very chicly decorated cubicle).

I currently work at a digital music video company called, Vevo. I’m an Account Executive and I work directly with film studios to help them market their films alongside artists and music videos. My job includes lots of unknowns, pressure from studio execs, and constant change.

If not for my dedication to self-care, I would not be where I am in my career today. When I say that, what I mean is, I feel abundant every day, I handle challenging situations with calm and poise. I feel gratitude for an incredibly supportive boss, and I feel an overall sense of goodness amongst my colleagues and clients, even in the toughest of situations.

Where are you in your career? Are you where you want to be? Do you feel an overall sense of goodness?

Even if you’re a stay at home mom or a college student interviewing for her first internship, your dedication to self-care will bring you piece of mind even in the stickiest of situations.

Here are a few tips & tricks on how to practice self-care in corporate America (from a real boss bitch executive):

Take a beat before you catch heat

This is inspired by one of my coaching clients. My client is a marketing executive who has an intense job planning events for a big fashion brand. She is extremely organized and cares very much about the work that she puts out. When her new boss cornered her about a mistake on a project, my sweet client became defensive. She felt rushed to give an answer and backed up against a wall.

My advice to her is to take a beat. In moments like this, when your boss is asking about something that is done incorrectly or perhaps criticizing you and/or your work, it is important to allow yourself to gather yourself and feelings. In situations like this, I take a beat, and ask if I can go back to my desk to look deeper into the situation. Giving ourselves a moment to take a breath, review, and to grant ourselves permission to gain a better understanding of the situation, not only is a way to show ourselves love, but will make us look like graceful, fabulous rock stars at the office.

Connect to get that respect

Connecting with others makes me feel damn good. What about you? Taking time during the day to have a conversation with your co-worker will not only make you feel a sense of belonging but it’s also great for your reputation in the workplace. Creating five minutes to step away from your desk to have some fun is the best type of self-care that you can tap into.

Grab a bite so you can get right

Taking time for a proper lunch is crucial. Getting up, eating away from your desk, or getting outside for some fresh air can change the vibe of your entire day. My energy feels lighter and more optimistic when I step away for lunch. I always come back ready to take on the rest of my day. Do you take a proper lunch? Do you eat lunch at your desk? What’s stopping you from taking a break?

Dare to Declare

Not everyone has a supportive, loving boss or team members. I’ve been in that position, I promise you. But one radical act of self-care that I truly believe works, is declaring the type of boss and team members that you do want.

Write it down! Before I started my job at Vevo I wrote down that I was ready to receive a boss that believed in me. That thinks that I have brilliant ideas. Who is loving, supportive, and kind. I wrote it down, I said it out loud. My heart was and still is open to receiving the type of treatment that I know I deserve. What type of treatment are you worth receiving?

Get yo’self a mantra, honey child

If you take one thing away from this week’s 5 Minutes of Fabulous, I hope that it’s this. All discomfort is temporary. My mantra is “All will be well”. Because it always is. But even in the most uncomfortable moments when I feel like everything is out of control, I recite my mantra. All will be well. Because even if it sucks right now, in the end all will be well, darling!

Where are you in your career right now? Do you feel like you need support in this area?

If so, comment below!

Sending you all my love always.


Nina Daisy

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