5 Minutes of Fabulous: Is glamour a spiritual practice?

Hello Gorgeous (said in my best Barbra Streisand voice)

I recently attended a sneak peek of the Chanel Beauty House in LA that was put on as a preview of Chanel’s newest lip colors. This preview event was held right before the Oscars and as I tried on virtual and real lipsticks, I got to thinking about glamour and intention.

According to Merriam Webster, glamour is defined as the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special. Enchantment, magic.

Yas Exciting. Yas Special. Yas Enchantment. Yas Magic. All of this screams mindfulness, connection, intention setting, positivity, and yas, spirituality.

Some believe that authentic spiritual awakening isn’t pretty or glamorous and that anything that connects you to your spirit is supposed to hollow us from the inside out and shine a light on our fears. Some also believe that spiritual connection is supposed to devastate us.

Maybe instead of devastation and hollowing, we can be the sparkle in the darkness.

Maybe if we set the intention to be the most glamorous versions of ourselves, we can let go of our littleness and allow ourselves to be big, bold, wacky, warm, wild, and wonderful. All things that sound pretty damn spiritual and fabulous to me!

With that, I want to share a few tips & tricks on how to incorporate glamorous moments into your everyday life. I’ve also included images of glamour icons for inspiration.

As you scroll through the tips and images below, notice what strikes you. What do you love? What makes you feel excited? What turns you off? Explore what feels glamorous to you!

  • Make small moments feel magical by lighting your favorite candle

  • Buy yourself flowers

  • Before those flowers die add them to your bubble bath

  • Wear your favorite lipstick

  • Add lemon or lime to your water and smell the zest

  • Get up earlier and create a leisurely morning

  • Take a drive with all your windows down, let the wind blow your hair out, and listen to a song that you love

  • Allow yourself to be over the top- sing at the top of your lungs, wear a bright colored scarf, tell people exactly how you feel

  • Give yourself ample time at the grocery store or farmer’s market, glamour can mean being intentional about your food. Nothing makes me feel more cared for than buying nourishing, organic foods that are vibrant and fresh

  • Fold and hang your clothes in your closet with pride. Taking care of our beautiful things is the catalyst to a stunning outfit

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