5 Minutes of Fabulous: If we let go of the outcome can we get everything we want?

Hey Babe, Have you ever wanted an outcome so badly that it became an obsession? Yeah? Me too. I recently got off of synthetic birth control after being on it for 18 years and my body has been going through some changes. I’m talking about adult acne, bloating, and sore nipples- yes, I just went there. Over the last week, I developed some of the most offensive pimples that I’ve seen since I was thirteen and doing the electric slide at a bar mitzvah. My boyfriend, Matt, and I were headed to our friends’ wedding and these pimples were not invited as a plus one or a plus two. I became obsessed with getting rid of them. I used face masks, creams, ice, hot compresses, essential oils. I pinched them, poked them, squeezed them. These big bitches wouldn’t budge. The obsession made me insane. The voice in my head told me that I was ugly now and that everyone at our friends’ wedding would be looking at my pimples (god forbid my ego would be aware of the fact that everyone would be looking at the bride and not at my hormonal acne). I caught myself in this vicious cycle and decided to slow down. I took a good, long look at myself in the mirror and decided that my body, the universe and/or God is having these things show up for me and that I can learn something from it. I learned that I can have acne and still be beautiful. I learned that I gave my power away to a bunch of whiteheads and that in reality, I have the power. I learned that people aren’t looking for my flaws, and instead they are looking to feel my vibe. I accepted the current pimpley outcome and thought that that was pretty cool. And just like that, the morning of our friends’ wedding, I woke up pimple less, at peace, and ready to party! (pictures below to prove it!!!)

What are you obsessing about right now? Maybe you want the raise at work, or maybe you’re consumed by the desire to be 20 pounds lighter. What outcome are you currently obsessing over? There’s nothing wrong with wanting something to happen, but the obsession will take you and your energy down fast, baby. Once you acknowledge the obsession, I challenge you to get deeper with your soul and recognize the opportunity to learn. Journal. Look at yourself in the mirror. Take a deep breath. Go for a walk and think on it. Wishing you the most wonderful weekend filled with peace, fun, & fabulous! Xo, Nina Daisy

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