5 Minutes of Fabulous: Tea Party Edition

One of my goals for 2018 is to find ways to be more delicate with myself. What that means is acknowledging and honoring my strength and giving attention and intention to my softness, delicacy, and sweetness. I’m on a journey of allowing my delicacy to shine just as much as I’ve allowed my power to sparkle.

There is nothing like celebrating your softness and femininity on any day, but on Super Bowl Sunday. In the past, Super Bowl Sunday meant bingeing on chips, numbing my boredom with cookies, and feeling like I don’t belong.

Instead of another year of overeating, sulking, and contention, I decided to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with beauty and by honoring my commitment to being more delicate with myself. I made a reservation for one for a traditional high tea to listen to a harpist, to sip champagne and hot vanilla tea, nibble on strawberries and cream, and to admire tiny finger sandwiches.

Experiencing a traditional high tea is a sacred ritual of formality, beauty, and elegance. It’s an adult tea party. It feels special, like a celebration, and anyone who participates instantly becomes royalty. This got me thinking about fun, creative ways that we can be delicate with ourselves any day of the week. We can take the grace, playfulness, and femininity of a traditional high tea and integrate it into your everyday lives.

Here are a few fun ways that we can add the chicness of a high tea experience into our days:

  1. Flowers: At my high tea experience, there were pink carnations and they were stunning. I used to think of carnations as a cheap, filler flower, but when you stick to one color, carnations actually look extremely chic.

  2. China: Beautiful china. Sipping our coffee in china changes the whole experience. Having our takeout on a beautiful plate can amp up the meal and help us focus on the flavors of the food.

  3. The real deal: Full fat cream, artisan thick jams, scones, and treats decorated with edible gold. If you crave it, go for the real thing, and take your time enjoying it.

  4. Get dressed up for no damn reason but to just feel Queenly.

  5. Gather your favorite people and host them at your home for a tea party. Send an evite to make it feel even more special!

How can you be more delicate with yourself today? What can you do to honor your femininity? What does being delicate mean to you?

Share with me what’s coming up for you by commenting below.

Wishing you the most fabulous weekend filled with time dedicated to taking care of you!


Nina Daisy

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