5 Minutes of Fabulous: Judgey and Still Fabulous

Good Morning Sweet Cuppycake!

Hope you’re having a cozy Friday morning and that you allow yourself to stay in bed just a smidge bit longer!

I recently attended a really cool book signing event at the Agape Spiritual Center in LA. The event was hosted by Gabby Bernstein, spiritual thought-leader, and chic as fuck chick who helped me discover meditation. The event was a celebration of her new book titled, “Judgement Detox”.

While listening to Gabby wax poetic on how to use spiritual tools to cope with judgmental thoughts and feelings, I got to thinking about my own judgement.

You can call me Nina Judgmental Sasson.

I thought about how earlier in the day I was judging up a storm. I judged a woman at the farmer’s market. I judged my boyfriend. I judged our upstairs neighbors. I judged our President.

Judgey, judgey, judgey. Straight up judgmental hoe, for sho.

We judge because we get triggered by someone or something and that creates shame, anger, fear, and unworthiness in us. We then project all these feelings onto the other person (by labeling or creating a story about them) so that we don’t have to cope with the feelings within us.

Simply put, we won’t ever change or stop judging unless we start to look at our own crap aka our shame, unworthiness, anger, and fear. And with that, I want to share a tool from “Judgement Detox” that has helped me honor my judgements and still live life with more positivity and fabulousness.

You can whip out your journal for this or not, it’s totally up to you.

  1. Think of someone or something today that you judged. (Your boss, your mother-in-law, the woman who cut you off on the 405, etc.)

  2. How does the person, situation, or thing make you feel?

  3. Why do you feel justified in this judgement? This is your time to honor your side of the story.

  4. What experience from your past has triggered this judgement?

Babes, try to remember that the people or situations that cause us the most pain or harm are a true blessing because they can set us off on our journey to getting to know and understand ourselves better. These are the opportunities that help us become our own best friend, jump start our spiritual path, and teach us about compassion.

What’s coming up for you? Share with me! Simply reply to this email, I am here to support you.


Nina Daisy

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