5 Minutes of Fabulous: Year in Review Fabulousity

Happy Holidays, my sweet muffins!

I hope that you have been enjoying this season, taking impeccable care of yourself, relaxing, and reflecting. Today's 5 Minutes of Fabulous is coming to you a little late on Friday as I just landed back in the U.S. after 5 days of some much needed self-care and tech-free time in Cabo San Lucas. As the year is coming to an end, I have started looking back at the months within this year. My year included lots of change, highs & lows, accidents, wins, travel, lots of fun and even more love. What about you? Did you spend your time doing the things you love this year? In the spirit of constantly working towards creating a colorful and pleasure-filled life, here are a few FABULOUS things that happened to me in 2017. As you check mine out, can you think of at least 5 FABULOUS things that happened to you this year? Once you get clear on what worked and what didn't work for you this year, can you think strategically about what you want more of in 2018?

Romance. This year my boyfriend and I really amped up our fun & romance. We did lots of exploring in LA together, went on lots of long walks, movie dates, and fun weekend trips. How did romance play a role in your 2017? How did the people that you love show up for you? Were you romantic with yourself in any way? How did show up for yourself?

I visited NYC and attended the Master Your Life retreat. Major highlight of 2017 for me! I felt so lit up visiting old friends, exploring on my own, and connecting with incredible women at a fabulous self-care retreat. Did you meet any new friends this year? Anyone that really lit you up that you would like to spend more time with in 2018?

I spent a lot of my time celebrating. I celebrated my birthday at this gorgeous Moroccan paradise in the middle of Palm Springs. Did you do anything to make your birthday feel special this year? Can you think of how you want to celebrate your birthday in 2018?

After 4 years working at Rolling Stone, I resigned to take a new job. How did you feel in your career this year? Are you doing work that lights you up? Do you feel challenged in your work?

This year, I was in an accident. I was walking in my neighborhood and was was hit by a car. The experience was far from fabulous, but taught me so much about slowing down and being present. It also taught me how to forgive and to embody resilience. Did you have something shitty happen to you this year that made you stronger?

Started my new job at Vevo. Starting a new job was really uncomfortable for me. I felt raw, exposed, lonely, and scared, and owned up to all the funky feelings. What I learned was that the funk was temporary and that the remedy to discomfort and uncertainty is a gratitude practice. I can now say that I've successfully hit my stride at my new job, I'm learning new things everyday, and connecting more with my new team. Did you experience a funk this year? What did you learn from it? Do you have a gratitude practice?

Traveled solo to Paris and boy, was it fabulous! I learned to saunter, learned to stop and smell the roses, and savored the magic of traveling on my own. Did you travel anywhere this year? Was it a highlight for you? Where do you want to go in 2018?

One of my hobbies is musical theater and I made sure to fit it in as much as possible this year. From going on solo dates to the theater to going to my favorite musical theater dance class, musical theater played a major role in my 2017. What are your hobbies? Did you spend time this year focused on them? What can you do now to set yourself up to enjoy your hobbies in 2018?

Self-care was a major priority. From making sure to take a lunch break (at the beach, of course) to scheduling in time to go tech-free, practicing extreme self-care helped me get through the rough times in 2017. How do you practice self-care this year? Do you want to learn more ways to take care of yourself on a soul level?

My business really lit me up! I celebrated the 1 year anniversary of this newsletter, 5 Minutes of Fabulous, hosted New Moon Goddess Gatherings at my home, ran the One Day Pleasure Intensive (the intensive that I offer in Los Angeles) and was published my Elephant Journal.

I also want to share that I am officially launching my self-esteem and lifestyle coaching business this January! I am kicking it off with an email challenge called 18 Days to Fabulous that begins on 1/8. It takes an average of three weeks to form a new habit and the challenge is focused all around thinking more positively and finding creative ways to add more fun, color, and pleasure into your life. The challenge works like this: every morning from 1/8- 1/25 you will receive an email with a lesson from me. These e-mails will take you 5 minutes or less to read and the idea is help you think differently for just one moment during your day and ultimately help you make the mundane in your life feel fabulous! Each challenge participant will also receive a 30 minute 1-on-1 call with me at the completion of the challenge. My hope is that instead of women focusing on dieting or scrutinizing our outer appearance in 2018, that we can start the year off by celebrating who we are, where are lives are at, and what we look like right now.


I understand that yearly reflection is not for everyone and the last thing I want to do here is preach. My goal is to share my experiences with you in an honest way and my hope is that it will help you notice the fabulous in your own struggles. As always, I would love to hear from you- tell me all about the 5 FABULOUS things that happened to you in 2017! Share with me in the comments below! Wishing you a New Year filled with bubbles, sparkles, fun, adventures, and FABULOUS!


Nina Daisy

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