5 Minutes of Fabulous: How to Make Your Relationships Feel More Fabulous + Work with Me!

Hope you’re having a week filled with so much love and lots of connection with your favorite people! Are you getting geared up for the holidays? It’s pretty common for folks to feel overwhelmed during this time of year. We run from one party or gathering to the next. We are wrapping gifts, making cookies, and hosting family and friends all while trying to juggle our jobs, responsibilities, and obligations. A couple of years ago, I found myself knee-deep in holiday angst, and noticed that I was taking out all my frustration on my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been together for ten years and if he were writing this newsletter, he’d tell you that he had to point out that I was taking out all my anger and frustration on him. Do you ever notice that when we feel out of control, that we take our feelings out on the people that we love most? It’s easy for the holidays to get the best of us – I’ve certainly let them get the best of me. I like to remind myself that the holidays are all about our relationships and not about the presents. I especially like to focus my energy and loving vibes on my boyfriend and I work to prioritize finding ways to be nice to him. Here are 5 ways for us to be nicer and connect more with the people that we love most. Keep in mind that I use these in my romantic relationship, but that they can be applied to your child, your best friend, your mom, your sister, or whoever you hold dear to your heart. It only takes two seconds. I am the Queen of 5 Minutes of Fabulous but, it only takes 2 seconds to let someone know that you care about them. See image below: this is an actual text message between my boyfriend and I. You will notice the mundane moments in our relationship like me letting him know that I arrived and a request for me to bring him some toilet paper. You’ll also notice that I sent him a random text thanking him for loving me. These types of gestures are how we can make the mundane fabulous.

Make a date to share something you loved as a kid. What did you love as a kid? Did you enjoy baking or watching Shirley Temple or bike riding? Get clear on what you enjoyed as a kid and share it with your beloved. I have always loved baking and cooking holiday treats, so my boyfriend and I have made a date to make latkes together this weekend. Think about something special you loved doing as a kid and give the gift of sharing that joy with someone you love. Experiential gifting. I am a huge fan of experiential gifting. Cooking classes, spa treatments, concerts, dance classes, horseback riding, whiskey tasting, coffee roasting classes. The list can go on and on. Instead of buying a material object for someone you care about, how about gifting them something that you both can enjoy together? Write a hand-written note and send it via snail mail. Nothing is better or more fabulous than a sweet hand-written note. Period. Turn your phone off. When you get home, try turning your phone off and being fully present with the person or people you love. Without the distraction of technology, what do you notice about them? What feelings come up for you when you quiet your mind and energy when you are with them tech-free? If getting these types of fabulous tips feels really nourishing to you, I have some AWESOME news! In 2018, I am offering the 18 Days to Fabulous Challenge, as one way to work with me. The 18 Days to Fabulous Challenge includes a daily email delivered to your inbox that includes a lesson focused on self-love, fun, and positivity that will help YOU make the mundane in your life feel FABULOUS! Each challenge participant will also receive a 30 minute 1-on-1 call with me at the completion of the challenge. Instead of starting this new year with another diet or punishing yourself with a strict workout regimen, how about starting off your 2018 by celebrating yourself? The 18 Days to Fabulous Challenge is a sure-fire way to add more sparkle and fun to your life. Get ready to shimmy, werk, and be fabulous with the 18 Days to Fabulous Challenge starting on 1/8!


Sending you so much love always and wishing you a delightful holiday season! Xo Nina Daisy

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