5 Minutes of Fabulous: Headaches, Tummy Rumbles, & a Challenge to Eat Intentionally

Happy Friday Beautiful!

How’s your week going? I hope that you’ve had a week filled with ease and flow.

This past week, I’ve been really struggling. I’ve been feeling down, depressed, and totally in my head. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been constantly second guessing myself. Recently I've felt like I've been out of sync with my body and soul.

Do you ever notice that you are going through the motions of life and that you aren’t totally present? Feeling disconnected not only feels uncomfortable, but it straight-up sucks. Do ya feel me?

Several years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to even label my feelings. I would've taken all my unnamed angst and would've put myself on a diet. The reason I would do this, was because I believed that my unwanted feelings would go away if I were just thinner.

I thought that being thinner would mean no more discomfort, no more heartache, and most importantly, an easier, more elegant life. Have you ever felt like if your body was just a certain way that your life would fall more into place?

Today I can proudly say that instead of a going on a restrictive diet during a time that feels super uncomfortable, I’ve decided to challenge myself to get out of my own head.

This week, I’ve created a mini-challenge to focus on my body and soul so that I can create more joy and intention in my life. Do you crave more connection to your body too?

If you are like me and want to savor and celebrate the beauty of your body and your meals, check out the mini challenge I did this week:

Day 1

Listen to your body’s natural cues when it comes to your hunger. I notice that when I’m hungry that my stomach makes noise or I get a headache. Today, listen to your body’s natural cues to notice if you are actually hungry. How does your body tell you that you're hungry?

Day 2

Focus on slowing down at your next meal. Plant your feet on the ground, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to smell your food. Just like you would smell a beautiful flower. Notice if you like the smell. Does it make your mouth water? Start to notice the different sensations that come up for you while you dine.

Day 3

Set an intention at your next meal. How do you want to feel after this meal? Because I’ve been going through a rough time, I’m craving really cozy, warm, nourishing foods. And because I’ve been practicing setting an intention at my meals, I’ve left the table feeling deliciously satisfied. Almost like chicken soup for the body & soul.

Day 4

Half-way through your meal, check-in with yourself. Are you satisfied? Do you feel nourished? Can you try walking away with food left on the plate if you feel satisfied?

Day 5

Treat yourself to something decadent i.e. a spa treatment, buy yourself long-stem roses, a box of chocolate, a glass of bubbly, or whatever makes you feel truly fabulous. Celebrate yourself for tuning into your body and making an effort to connect more with your soul.

How can you challenge yourself today? It only takes one breath to make your next meal more intentional. Comment below with what is coming up for you!

Wishing you a gorgeous and intentional weekend!


Nina Daisy

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