5 Minutes of Fabulous: 5 Ways to Invest in Yourself Everyday

What does it mean to invest in yourself? Investing in yourself may look like a new wardrobe to go with your new job. Or it could mean investing in higher education or your 401K. But, have you ever thought about the idea of making smaller, but impactful investments in yourself everyday?

Do most of your days feel "meh", overwhelming, stressful, or boring? I promise you, I can relate. What if I told you that I've found easy ways to channel those feelings? Could you believe that you can turn stress, boredom, or that feeling of "meh" into fun and pleasure? Girl, don't fall out yo' chair- I've got tips for you!

Here are 5 tips on how to invest in yourself everyday aka make your day feel fabulous:

1. Wake up with an attitude of "Baby, I'm worth it!"

When you open your eyes in the morning, is your first thought, "I'm so tired, fuck this day"? And then surprise, surprise you spill coffee on your blouse, you give everyone the stank eye, and you feel like shit? Best believe, I've been that moody gal. Have you ever thought about waking up, opening your eyes, and thinking "I deserve to have a fabulous day"? Your thoughts create your life and if you want a beautiful life, beautiful thoughts are the first place to start. The easiest and most affordable way for you to invest in yourself is by changing your first thought in the morning to "Today is beautiful! I deserve a wonderful day filled with fun and pleasure and I accept it now!"

2. Add some color

I am huge fan of wearing bright colors because I feel like it's a true expression of what I feel on the inside. But wearing a hot pink skirt or cheetah print pumps may not be your style and that is all good too. One way I like to add vibrancy to my day is by being bold and wearing lipstick. This is one easy way to make me feel more alive, vibrant, and colorful. I notice that when I wear lipstick that I smile more. My favorite lipstick is called Ruby Woo by MAC Do you have a signature shade of lipstick? If not, would you be willing to consider investing a little time to take yourself shopping for one?

3. That bomb-ass connection.

One of my favorite ways to invest in myself is by making time for connection. Do you ever find that the best part of your work day were the laughs you shared with your co-workers? Or having lunch with your team? Or calling your bff? Connecting is a surefire way to brighten your day. I love to take 10 minutes to chat with a co-worker in the afternoon, I find that it instantly rejuvenates me. Or when I'm really tired after work, I'll call my girlfriends while I sit in traffic and I end up cackling all the way home! Can you think of one person that you can connect with more today?

4. Take a coffee and/or lunch break. This is a non-negotiable for me. We are all worthy of taking a break and I make it a point to make my breaks feel as luxurious as I possibly can. Sometimes that means packing lunch for work, but always putting it on a separate plate (not eating out of my Tupperware) and sitting for 10 minutes to enjoy my food. Or that can look like making myself an espresso, nibbling on some peanut M&M's, and pulling a miracle card from Gabby Bernstein's Miracle Now deck. How can you invest the time in yourself to take a break today? Can you brainstorm ways to make your break feel more fabulous? Reply to this email if you want to share or if you need help coming up with ideas!

5. An attitude of gratitude.

Quick, name 3 things that you are grateful for right now!

Did you say them out loud? Say them now!!

Take a deep breath in. Take a deep breath out.

How do you feel? Better? A bit more fabulous?

Investing time, energy, and money in yourself is not for the meek or the weak. It is a radical act of self-love. Being proactive and thoughtful about creating your own destiny is the stuff that bad bitches are made of. My darling, you have the power to make your life feel fabulous just by making small daily investments in yourself.

Wishing you the most wonderful weekend!


Nina Daisy

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