5 Minutes of Fabulous: How to Feel More Like a Queen Around Food, According to a Former Dieter/ Curr

Happy Friday Honey!

It’s that time of year again… the gateway drug into the holiday season or as I like to call it miniature peanut butter cups and Halloween.

I don’t know about you, but as a child, I used to gorge myself on all the treats and sweets I could get my hands on. I would even squirrel away candy, hide it in places, and inhale it later in secret smothered in shame. Can you relate?

I felt like sugar and candy had a hold on me. It made me feel joy, pleasure, and sweetness and all adults (and later, my inner critic/ego) wanted to do was take that bliss away from me.

Just last week, I came home from work starved, feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and mindlessly dug into a bag of Haribo gummy bears. Have you done this? Have you found yourself at the bottom of the M&M's, candy corn, or potato chips bag asking yourself, “who ate all of this?” Do you then find yourself beating yourself up yet again? Do you feel like you can never get the “healthy gal” thang down? Or that you’ll never feel comfortable, elegant of graceful around food? Girl, I've been there too.

The difference this go around when I found myself at the bottom of the gummy bear bag was that I let myself off the hook.

Here’s an exercise that has been a game changer for me and has completely shifted my relationship with food: The How: The next time you are confronted by the big bag of candy, the cheese platter, the bottles of wine, and bowl of chips, or whatever your nosh of choice is, give yourself full permission to have whatever you desire. Allow yourself to indulge in as much or as little as you want. Imagine that you are Queen- would a Queen ration herself from delicious treats? I think not!

The Why: Simply put, the moment that you take the power into your own hands is the second that the cookies and peanut butter cups lose theirs. Giving yourself permission to have what you desire is the most radical form of self-care and self-love that there is out there.

How Often Should I Do It?: Every time you come up against a food that you label as “bad”, but that you really want. I.e. “Oh, we shouldn’t be bad and get dessert, should we?” If you are craving dessert, you know, that melty, soft, chocolate soufflé with chocolate sauce on top? Damn, straight you say YAS to that desire! At that Halloween party this weekend, when you are surrounded by sweet treats and decadent delicacies, and something is really speaking to you? Go for it and savor it! When you are at the office and you walk by the giant jar of M&M's or pretzels, give yourself complete permission to have what you desire. I promise that once you do, it will lose it's luster and power over you.

Sounds a little Woo-woo to me. Babes, this is all about self-trust. The moment you allow yourself to have what you desire, you are telling your body and soul that you have faith and confidence in her. You are investing in the stock that is YOU. You desire the sweet treat for a reason, lean into that. Would you be willing to ask yourself more questions? Like, am I really yearning for this sweet treat or am I really craving more sweetness in my life? Am I craving the comfort of a hug more than the comfort of a cookie? Only you know the answers, my love.

Know someone who constantly restricts themselves or is always on another diet? Forward them this post. Who knows, they may realize that pleasure is their birthright and that they can start treating themselves like a queen. What comes up for you around this? Do you feel anxious, stressed, or nervous going into this Halloween weekend?

Share with me below in the comments section!

Love you always, xo Nina Daisy

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