5 Minutes of Fabulous: Journal the Pain Away

Good Morning beautiful!

Hope you woke up this morning and know that a wonderful day awaits you.

In full transparency, this week has felt a bit dark for me. I’ve been feeling emotionally triggered by the all the #metoo stories that I’ve been reading and on top of that, I’ve come down with a cold and have lost my voice. If you know me IRL (in real life), you may know that I’ve been verbally sexually assaulted throughout my career. From a female supervisor commenting on my breasts when I was at my first internship at a news station to being sexually propositioned by a male colleague, I’m an open book when it comes to what I’ve experienced and how I’ve worked through it. With that being said, I’ve felt sadness, anger, and frustration this week. Have you felt triggered by #metoo?

In an effort to spend less time on social media and dive deeper into all the thoughts and feelings, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my journal. While working through my personal darkness, I found I was able to amp up my creativity while expressing myself explicitly in my journal. I also found a way to make my journaling experience more fabulous and in turn it has helped me to feel lighter within a dark week. Do you like to journal?

By spending time connecting with my thoughts and writing, I've started to feel more mindful and focused. And by taking a little bit of extra time to add more color, creativity, and sparkle to my journal, I’ve found that I can add all of that to my life- even on my darkest days.

Here’s what I am using for my journals now-a-days:

Do you think you could consider keeping a journal? Not just to document your thoughts and feelings, but to amp up your creativity? Why not make journaling more fun? Better yet, FABULOUS? Could you start documenting your life in a gorgeous, tangible way?

Know someone who's trying to kick their Instagram habit? Forward them this post.

Love you always,


Nina Sasson

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