5 Minutes of Fabulous: A Morning Routine That May Result in Fabulousity

Good Morning Beautiful!

I hope that you woke up with ease on this Friday morning. I hope that you opened your eyes, did a little stretch, and reminded yourself that you are fabulous and ready to own this day!

This week, I had the honor of taking over my health & lifestyle coach, Jamie Mendell's, Instagram account. I showed her followers a day in my life and am so grateful for the new followers of 5 Minutes of Fabulous. To all the new gems, I would like to formally introduce myself.

My name is Nina Daisy Sasson, but you can call me Nina or just holler at me “Hey Gurl!”. I’m a sassy gal with crazy curly hair and a passion for creating a colorful, pleasure-filled life! I find joy in helping others add more fun and grace to their lives! When I’m not at my musical theater dance class or in a bubble bath, you can find me strutting around in a board room working in brand partnerships at a music video company, called Vevo.

While sharing my day in my life on Instagram, I got several questions about my morning routine. I don’t know about you, but I am all about my morning routine. It’s been years of trial and error and it’s something that I allow to shift and change based on my needs, wants, and hobbies. I feel devoted to my morning routine because it helps me show up for the day and for my job with more confidence, ease, and grace. And who doesn’t want more of that? Am I right?

Right now, my morning routine feels like magic, which is why I want to share it with you. My hope is that one nugget of info or a resource that I share resonates with you and inspires you to start your day with the intention to treat yourself fabulously!

1. First thing in the morning, when I open my eyes, I thank my bed for keeping me cozy and then I tell myself that I approve of myself. Would you be willing to try this tomorrow morning? Or better yet, right now?

2. I waddle out to our living room and I light some candles, sip an extra hot espresso, and drink a tall glass of water. Does lighting a candle first thing in the morning feel like it may be a cozy way to start the day for you?

3. Meditation really agrees with me and right now I’m really into an abundance meditation that is free on YouTube. Play above! Do you meditate? Have you tried it? I also enjoy the Calm app for shorter meditations or I will put a timer on my phone for 1 minute and just breathe. Are you open to trying meditation for 1 minute?

4. After meditation, I love to journal for about 10 minutes. The journal prompts (above) seriously help me live my best life! Checking in with my body, heart, and mind and strategizing on how I can care for those parts of me sets me up for a successful day. Try the prompts above and share with me what comes up for you!

5. I practice about 15 minutes of yoga on most days. I do about 6-8 poses and hold each pose for several deep breaths. I find that this type of movement really agrees with my body and my soul. At the end of my yoga practice, I take one minute to ask myself, “What do you want to practice today?” Today I answered, I want to practice slowing down and drinking more water. Can you think of one way you can let the blood flow in your body in the morning? Maybe it's walking your dog or dancing to your favorite song? Also, what do you want to practice today?

6. After yoga, it's time for breakfast. Sometimes I like eggs and sometimes it's a quick yogurt with fruit and granola. Do you rush out the door in the morning without eating breakfast? Do you feel more grounded when you have something in your tummy first thing in the morning? How can you make your breakfast just a tad bit more special so that you can start your day by honoring yourself?

7. I then pick out an outfit that makes me feel glamorous, put my make-up on, and a splash of my signature perfume. How do you want your clothes to feel? Do you want to wear something cozy? Or do you prefer your highest heels? Whatever it is, just make it feel damn good! What item in your closet makes you feel fabulous?

8. Before I sashay out the door, I always get a long hug and kissie from my boyfriend. Do you like getting hugs and kissies? If so, are you willing to ask your partner, children, friends, or dog for some extra love?

And with that, I’m off to conquer the day.

Ok, you may be wondering, does she shower? The answer is yes, of course! I take a bubble bath at night and wash my hair and bod. I put my hair up in a bun at night and sleep on it. In the morning, it is dry and kinky curly! Can you simplify your morning routine by bathing at night? Or can you blow-dry your hair at night so that you can have more time to flow in the morning?

You may be curious about how long my morning routine takes? My routine does take over an hour, but it brings me so much joy. I wake up at 6am and head out for my commute to work at around 7:45am. Are you open to the idea of waking up just a little bit earlier so that you can create more space to do whatever you want in the morning?

Just like snowflakes, no two people are the same and no one routine will work for everyone. My routine makes me feel successful, accomplished, and grounded. What elements of your morning make you feel good? Do any elements of my morning routine resonate with you? If so, take what you love and forget the rest.

If you know someone who is a hot mess in the morning forward them this email.

Share your thoughts in the comments sections below.

Love you always,


Nina Daisy

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