5 Minutes of Fabulous: Beauty & Simplicity, Ma Cherie

Happy Friday my beauty!

As you may know, I am all about living that F A B U L O U S life! And what living a fabulous life means to me is proactively predicting my needs so that I can show up in my life with more grace and ease. I also like to call this energy management and when you can love yourself enough to set your energy and your schedule up for success, you can truly experience the magic that life has to offer.

I am just getting back from my solo adventure in Paris and as to be expected, I am tired and processing the lessons I learned from my trip. I predicted that I would need to keep this week's 5 Minutes of Fabulous simple, yet beautiful. With that being said, I want to share some of my favorite pictures from my trip with you. Just like Paris, I want to share simplicity, beauty, and elegance with you on this Friday morning.

Next week, I will be back in full force with an in depth post. In the meantime, may you show up with beauty and elegance today and everyday. Can you think of one thing that you can do today to simplify your life? Can you delegate something on your to-do list? Can you push an appointment to next week so that you can have a bit more ease today? Maybe you can consider adding more beauty to your day? Put on some red lipstick, have a gorgeous lunch, or buy yourself some red roses?

Love you always,

Nina Daisy xo

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