5 Minutes of Fabulous: Why I am Going to the City of Love Solo

Bonjour from Paris!

Can you remember a time when you wanted something so badly that you could just cry?

Maybe for you it was getting into that perfect school or graduate program. Or maybe it was that internship, job, or promotion. Or becoming a home owner, getting pregnant, or finding that dream love that you’ve always imagined.

For the last couple of years that something for me has been Paris.

I’d see images of the city and start to weep. I’d re-watch "Funny Face" with Audrey Hepburn or the Woody Allen film, "Midnight in Paris" and I would sob. I play French music when I eat alone, I follow French bloggers, illustrators, and chefs.Over the years, my love and lust for the city has continued to grow.

But why?

Well for me, Paris represents elegance and pleasure.

It represents long strolls aka sauntering.

It represents steak frites and red wine without any guilt.

It represents Chanel, Hermes, a baguette with butter while sitting in the park.

It represents slowing down, but also passionately speeding up in order to make it on time for your dinner reservation or the new Dior museum exhibit.

It represents fun, pleasure, color, and fabulous to me.

It is everything I stand for and that I am passionate about teaching to others.

After eight years, I am headed back to Paris and I"m going alone this time. If you’ve following this newsletter for a while or you know me IRL, you may know that I have a long-term partner of almost 10 years. He is incredibly encouraging of my affair with the City of Lights. My upcoming trip is not an affront to him and is simply the realization of my desires being acknowledged.

So how did I figure out that this is what I wanted and needed? I asked myself what I was desiring more of in my life.

I desire to slow down, to surround myself with beauty, and to live intuitively. I got clear that I had a strong desire to travel internationally by myself so that I fully experience the journey on my own.

Simply put, I desire to have a long-standing, trusting, loving, and passionate relationship with myself. I want to be my own best friend. I want to sweep myself off my own feet.

And yeah, this may be considered a bold gesture, but I am ready to experience the ups and downs of traveling all by myself because I know I got me. I am ready to take the relationship I have with myself to the next level. And who knows, I may buy myself a vintage Chanel bag as a commitment gift to lock this relationship up!

What about you? Can you think of something you want so badly that it almost makes you cry? What are your desires right now? How do you want to feel in your life right now?Can you think of a time when you treated yourself like your own best friend?

Can you consider taking yourself out for a coffee, buying yourself some flowers, or perhaps plan your first solo trip to anyplace you’ve been dying to visit?

Life is waiting for you to make it fun, pleasurable, and fabulous, my loves.

What are you waiting for?

If you want check out the deets of my solo adventure you can follow along on Instagram @ninasasson.

I’d love to hear from you- comment below!


Nina Daisy

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