5 Minutes of Fabulous: The True Hollywood Story of a Pleasure Icon: Miss. Piggy

Happy Friday you sweet muffin, you!

You look radiant today, you do!

Back at the beginning of the year, I wrote a post on some lessons I had learned from Miss. Piggy. And this past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to see the Muppets and the Kween herself, Miss. Piggy, LIVE on the stage at The Hollywood Bowl.

I was so inspired and joyful to be in the presence of a muppet and soul that just oozes a pleasurable, juicy lifestyle. I even showed up to the show with my brightest pink skirt on, cheetah print shoes, and a glorious picnic basket filled with charcuterie, wine, and a big French baguette to celebrate the spirit of the sassiest piggy in show business. See pic below.

In the spirit of celebrating a pleasure icon who represents the essence of fabulous, I have included the lessons that she has taught me below. Enjoy and remember in the wise words of Miss. Piggy “I am a pig, and as a pig, I have always stood out.” Tre chic, baby girl!

Miss Piggy. The Superstar. The Diva. The Lover of Frog. The Muppet Supreme.

In the middle of a week where I found myself feeling annoyed, angry, and sad about a variety of things, I received a truly playful gem via Amazon Prime: a vintage copy of Miss.Piggy's book "Miss Piggy's Guide to Life".

I immediately started reading the book. I was blissful. It was hysterical, sweet, and more thoughtful than you would expect a book written by a muppet in 1981 to be. But when I put the book down I started to remember how growing up my brothers would viciously tease me by calling me a variation of "Piggy, Miss. Piggy, or Ziggy Piggy". As a child, I was mortified to be anything like Miss. Piggy. Maybe it meant that I wasn't waif thin or that I was too theatrical and over the top, that my essence and soul took up too much space.

I realized that after all these years my brothers had it right! I am just like Miss. Piggy and here are 5 fabulous things I learned from her guide to life:

1. Beauty

Miss. Piggy says, "Great beauties were not born beautiful." Isn't that the truth!

I feel strongly that inner depth + unique style= true glamorositude

The most important thing is to believe that you are beautiful because if you don't believe it how can you expect anyone else to?

2. Food

Piggy stresses the importance of a gorgeous meal with a candle and a flower on the table and I can't agree more!

You are so worth a beautiful meal and that means taking that Chinese take-out out of the cartons and putting it on a piece of china.

3. Self-love

Become your own best fan, babes! Piggy instructs her readers to sit in front of the mirror and to list out their talents, accomplishments, and successes.

I suggest starting out looking yourself in the mirror and just smiling at your reflection- even just for a second.

4. Mood Shifters

This is so important because I am a moody Gemini. Miss. Piggy goes in depth about fun solutions for depression and they are hilarious. Let me tell you, I can get into a serious funk and I find having a short list of go-to activities to lift my spirits is crucial.

One of my personal favorite Piggy suggestions is a bubble bath with bubble gels, bubble oils, and a lovely glass of champagne within easy reach.

Another is putting on music and shaking your tush! I am currently listening to a Miss. Piggy curated playlist and having a blast! To listen to Miss. Piggy's favorite tunes check out the playlist here

5. Love

In Miss. Piggy's Guide to Life, a reader writes in and asks, "How can a woman be in love with a man and still not be vulnerable?" Piggy serves up some realness explaining that it's impossible to not be vulnerable when you are in love. She says, "you must take risks, and oui, you can suffer terribly."

But to her point, we must be vulnerable and take chances if we want to live a life in glorious color.

To that end, may this post inspire you to let out your playful side.

I encourage you to watch a muppet movie, my personal favorites are "The Muppets Take Manhattan", "The Muppets" (from 2011), and "The Muppet Movie" (from 1979). Listen to the Miss. Piggy playlist and dance around your house. Become your biggest fan and remind yourself of how fabulous you are- Piggy does this everyday!

Au Revoir, Kissy-Kissy.


Nina Daisy

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