5 Minutes of Fabulous: How you doin?

Hey Sweet Muffin!

How you doin? How fabulous is it that we have a long weekend? It’s the perfect time to schedule at least one fun thing for yourself- so what are you going to do? I plan on going on a morning hike and then I'm going to lie out by the pool with a new book. Ahhhh- I’m already in relaxation mode!

I’ve been thinking a lot about habits recently- the habits that I label as “good” or “bad”. This got me thinking about how people often say, “adults will stay the same regardless of how hard they try to change”. Or that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I feel strongly that if you’re willing to consider trying things in a new way, or if you’re willing to consider thinking about things with a new perspective, you can develop new habits or let go of ones that are no longer serving you.

I am here to tell you that I am proof that this is possible. I grew up in a home filled with tense and negative energy. When my parents weren’t fighting with each other they were both constantly dieting. My sweet, loving parents, at no fault of their own, both struggle with their body image. My brothers and I were told that working hard and white knuckling life was supposed to lead to happiness, success, and a healthy, fit body. It is no surprise that my upbringing felt restrictive and devoid of fun.

Let me tell you, once I got into my 20’s, I realized that fun and pleasure is our birthright. I allowed myself to consider a life that felt easy, joyful, and filled with color. And little by little, I made small shifts to actually create a life where I literally insert fun into everything I do.

In the spirit of fun and ease, I want to share a few habits I’ve recently been adopting in the hopes that you will consider that pleasure is your birthright too.

“I’ve never been better.”

I’ve made it a habit to say the words, "I've never been better" when asked how I am doing, even in passing, and I say the words like I mean them. I’ve noticed that people will stop short when they hear my response. They smile and it makes them notice me and look at me differently. Just by saying those four words every single time someone asks (and you would be surprised how often people ask, 'how you doing?') it’s slowly changing my life and how people see me.

Accepting that I will never be everyone’s favorite flavor. And that’s okay.

The real question is, do we like and love ourselves? Do we think that we aren’t good enough? Or like we aren’t worth investing in? I’ve started the habit of looking at myself in the mirror when I do my make-up in the morning and telling myself that I like and love myself. It’s taken time and every day I believe it more and more.

Really savoring my meals.

I’ve started a habit of taking one deep breath before I take my first bite of food. Can you consider taking one mindful breath before your next meal?

Solo date night

I’ve said it a million times, but I will say it again, if you can’t romance yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? I’ve continued my habit of getting dressed up and taking myself for a cocktail and to the theater for a solo date night. Could you consider taking yourself out for a date? If that feels like too much for you right now, are you willing to consider buying yourself a bouquet of flowers? Romance and turn-on starts with us first, lovers.

Telling people when I’m hurt

When was the last time you confronted someone who has hurt you? I used to have a really hard time expressing my feelings when someone hurt me. I even cut people out of my life because I didn’t have the courage to confront them. I realized that the only person suffering was me and I was hoping things would just work out. I have slowly started to express myself more with the people that I love. Little by little, I am becoming more comfortable with speaking up and clearing hurt feelings as they come up in the moment. If you are feeling hurt, sadness, or anger, it is time to confront. You cannot have a fun, colorful, fabulous life, if you are holding onto a grudge and suffering in silence.

Do any of these habits resonate with you? Are you willing to consider thinking about habits in a new way?

Share with me below in the comments section.

Love you always,


Nina Daisy

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