5 Minutes of Fabulous: How to Never Say No Again, According to a Fellow People Pleaser

Yo Yo Yo Homies!!

I am living a real-life Oprah running onto a stage screaming/being ridiculous moment right now. Why? Well because I just completed a New Moon Goddess Ceremony on Monday and I am feeling jazzed and lit up about life.

Long story short, I hosted an exclusive event in my home for a group of 8 women where we practiced being free, open, and authentic all while declaring our desires. It was pure magic.

One common theme that came up for every woman was the concept of people pleasing and feeling expected to say yes when all they wanted to say was hell no! Even a self-proclaimed self-care Kween like myself has a hard time saying no to people, especially people I love.

Here’s an exercise that has been a game changer for me when it comes to managing my energy and my schedule:

The How: The next time someone invites you to something or asks you to do something and your immediate reaction isn’t a "Hell Yes", try saying this, “thank you so much for asking. I really appreciate it. Let me check with my schedule and if it fits in the schedule, I’ll get back with you.”

The Why: Simply put, this is a tool you can use as a way to never have to say "no" ever again! First off, people respect “the schedule” more than they respect your self-preservation. Secondly, this is an act of radical self-care and an actionable way for you to create more ease in your life.

How Often Should I Do It? Anytime you get a request where your answer isn’t “Hell Yes”. I even use this in the work place when someone asks me to take on a project because it gives me the time to check in with what I already have on my plate so that I don’t overcommit myself.

Sounds a little Woo-woo to me.

Girl, yes, it is. But you get to decide, do you want to continue feeling rushed, spread too thin, and exhausted? Now is the time to be brave and show up for yourself more- because you're worth it! Are you willing to try this once this week?

Know someone who is constantly overbooking themselves? Who is always in a rush and needs a reminder to practice more ease? Forward them this.

What comes up for you around this? Do you feel pressured to say yes when all you want to do is say no? Feel free to comment below and share!

Love you always,


Nina Daisy

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