5 Minutes of Fabulous: Girl, are you craving more from life RN?

Happy Friday my sugar pies!

My sweet loves, the struggle has been real for me lately. I've been struggling to find a new morning routine that feels good with my new job and new commute. I feel stuck in a cycle of rushing, discomfort, and fatigue.

Honestly, I've been majorly hating on my body too. Since my accident and starting my new job, I haven't exercised. I've been feeling at war with my body because my mind wants to workout, but all my body wants to do is rest. Can you relate?

I feel a bit like I am in survival mode, which is why I am deciding to come back to my center. My soul. Myself. Which to me, means pleasure and fun.

I don't want to settle for crumbs anymore. I want to put myself first and focus on letting go.

Are you with me?

If so, and if you are local to the LA area, I would love to have you over to my home for a night of reconnecting with our joy and radiance.

Imagine a fabulous group of women gathering together in a cozy candle lit apartment who are all tapping into the power of intention setting. Picture beautiful platters of fresh fruits, vegetables, and decadent chocolates. Experience fun, a new way of looking at your challenges, and the beauty of joining a sisterhood in just one evening.

If this sounds like something that you can get down with and/or you can relate with some of my realtime struggles, I would love to have you over for a New Moon Goddess Gathering at my place.

All the details are below and please make sure to respond to this email to RSVP.

Love you always,


Nina Daisy

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