5 Minutes of Fabulous: What You Appreciate Appreciates.

YAY! I am so excited it's Friday- what about you?

This week, I started my new job at Vevo and I couldn't be happier. I connected with my new co-workers and had such a blast hearing their stories and sharing mine. They asked me about how I learned about the position and my journey to getting the job.

I explained to them that while I was in my last job, I was feeling like I needed to amp up my faith. I also told them that I found myself getting easily frustrated and annoyed when I came up against challenges. During these times, I needed to vent, but after the venting I found it really helpful to count my blessings.

One day in April, I was on a call with my fabulous lifestyle coach, Jamie Mendell, and I was feeling particularly on edge at work. I realized that I needed to focus on all the beauty, goodness, and abundance in my life and in my work.

So we went through a long list of all the things that I appreciated about my work and my life. When I hung up the phone I felt lighter, almost euphoric, and extremely content. I felt at peace knowing that I was exactly where I needed to be.

I took a breath and opened up my email. Surprise, surprise I had an email from a friend (who is now my co-worker) sharing the job opportunity at Vevo. When you decide to appreciate what you already have is when all the goodness that you desire becomes amplified. And then multiple that by100!

I live by the mantra that what you appreciate appreciates and I've applied it to every aspect of my life.

When I appreciate all the wonderful things about myself and I recognize that I AM ENOUGH, I realize the most beautiful things come into my life. I even notice that strangers are nicer to me, my boyfriend surprises me with sweet acts of kindness, and my friends connect with me on a deeper level.

One way I am challenging myself to practice what I preach is with my finances. I have started to look at my back account daily and thank my funds. Whether it's a trickle of cash or a flowing river of abundance, I am committed to appreciating what I have.

Another way I'm showing my appreciation for my finances, is my donating to causes that I am passionate about. I am putting my money where my mouth is and donating to Kiva, a site that gives a micro-loan to female entrepreneurs in developing countries. I also put aside some additional funds to contribute to Planned Parenthood because it just feels really good to me. And I know deep in my heart and soul, that when you appreciate your money by aligning it with what is meaningful to you, it is bound to appreciate more.

What can you appreciate more in your life? Are you willing to look in the mirror and acknowledge that you are enough? What in your life feels like it is sufficient? If you want more money, more love, vibrant health, can you acknowledge what you already have in those areas of your life?

I would love to hear from you and find out what you can start appreciating in your life.

Love you to the moon and back!


Nina Daisy

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