5 Minutes of Fabulous: The World Reflects How We Treat Ourselves

Happy Friday Baby Dolls!

I am currently in a transition period before I start a new job and I'm taking this time to rest and clear my head. I am processing some unresolved feelings from my last gig and setting positive intentions for my future.

I was recently in a situation where I felt seriously slighted. Can you relate? You know that feeling like you are totally disrespected and walking away feeling unimportant?

What I realized is that the world simply reflects the way we treat ourselves.

That got me thinking about how I've been slighting myself by downplaying the best parts of who I am. Honestly, I've been afraid of owning my uniqueness, my affluence, and richness.

Where are you slighting yourself? Are you afraid to see that you are powerful, successful, rich, sexy, and creative?

You may be thinking, "who am I to be successful, sexy, and creative?" Who are you NOT to be all of those things.

Or you may be thinking "isn't this bragging? I can't possibly do that, right?" WRONG!

I used to downplay all my good qualities and would play up my bad ones. I would quiet my inner voice telling me that I am fabulous, a real go-getter, a good friend and daughter and when around others, I would constantly highlight how chubby, clumsy, and self-conscious I am. Do you do this too?

Once I recognized that the world reflects how I treat myself, I decided that it was okay for me to say nice things about myself if I wanted even nicer things to happen to me in life.

Having trouble figuring out some of your unique gifts?

Try making a list of three people that you admire most. Write down three qualities that inspire you most about each of them. Read over the list of these nine qualities and recognize that what you see in these people are simply a reflection of qualities that are within you.

My loves, once you learn to recognize your own fabulous talents it allows us to appreciate and love everyone else's gifts.

And better yet, it gives others permission to shine a bright light on their uniqueness and successes.

Comment below with your list of people and qualities that you admire most!

Love you always,



P.S if you are looking for a great resource to help you accept your best qualities I recommend Debbie Ford's book "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers"

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