5 Minutes of Fabulous: A Special Guest is Coming to Town this Weekend

My loves,

Thank God It’s Friday! At this very moment I am watching Pharrell’s music video for the song “Happy” and I am beaming from ear to ear. Right now, I am feeling the first bit of pleasure that I’ve felt all day. Because right now my life feels messy, a bit scary, and I’m about to start a new chapter.

Can you relate? Are you feeling devoid of pleasure? Can you recall a pleasurable moment from this week or better yet, from this morning?

As I go into this long 4th of July weekend, I plan on tidying up every nook and cranny of my apartment. I’m going to buy new candles, fresh flowers, pick up yummy groceries, and put together an epic playlist. I’ll arrange a gorgeous spread for dinner, fill a platter with the most vibrant veggies, and pour a bottle of wine that nourishes the soul.

I plan to prepare my home for the most important guest, ME! MOI! You read that right!

I love creating nice things for others and am really excited to do this for myself.

Do you ever notice how we set out our finest china for company? We buy bouquets of flowers and candles for houseguests or dinner parties. Isn’t it time that we start treating ourselves in the special way that we treat others?

You may be thinking, “must be nice” or “you’re not a mom” or “your work is not as demanding mine”. And all of those thoughts are 100% valid. We all lead challenging lives that include demanding jobs, taking care of a sick child or family member, and you can add a jammed-pack schedule on top of all of that.

Do you dream of living a beautiful, fun filled life? If so, are you willing to prioritize your pleasure? Can you say no to Saturday morning plans and stay in bed for an extra hour? Can you take an extra ten minutes during lunch today to just sit , embrace the quiet, and bask in all your fabulous? Maybe you can take yourself out over this long weekend- for a solo movie date, or to pick out roses for yourself at your local farmer’s market, or to sit in the sun and read a book or magazine?

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you ask yourself, what sounds really pleasurable to me right now?

If we focus on our joy, our pleasure, and do things that make us feel good, everything will shift for us inside and out.

If you struggle with this I am here to support you. And if you are looking for a pleasurable way to handle the messiness of life, my signature program, The One Day Pleasure Intensive, in Los Angeles, is the perfect way to jump into the pleasure-filled life that’s waiting for you. You can learn more here.

Love you always,

Nina Daisy

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