5 Minutes of Fabulous: Pleasurable Experiences are our Birthright

I’m so excited to tell you about an epic experience I had. My boyfriend and I recently went on a Bicycle Taco Tour of Los Angeles. The tour included a 15-mile bike ride through downtown LA to some of the best tacos trucks, stands, and restaurants in the most diverse areas of the city. (see us all geared up below)

Let me start off by saying that in the past, I would have never participated in this type of experience. First off, I am a C+ bike rider, at best (I’m being generous here). Secondly, I would have never felt comfortable or would have trusted myself enough to eat multiple rounds of tacos.

So let’s side bar on that for a second. I used to really struggle with dieting. I felt like I constantly had to control my meals, calories, and exercise. I trusted every magazine article about losing weight more than I trusted my own soul.

My self-esteem was made up of ego and dreams of being a size 0. Because of this, I said no to many fun experiences. I said no to going out drinking and dancing with girlfriends. I said no to pool parties because god forbid, I should let anyone see me in a bathing suit. I said no to decadent dinner dates, and fun get-togethers, and summer days at the beach.

I was even afraid to go on vacations because I thought I could gain weight if I didn’t stick to my food plan and workout regimen. My life was limited to my control of food and going to the gym, which made for a life of no fun, no pleasure, and no fabulous.

I have a deep understanding now that my body and soul knows exactly what they are doing and that my birthright is to experience pleasure.

I feel ease and elegance around food and new adventures because I practice extreme self-trust. And because of that, I knew in my gut that I had to sign us up for this epic bicycle and taco experience.

Let me tell you, the bicycle taco tour was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Once I got on the bike, my body knew exactly what to do. I flowed, cycled, and felt a sense of freedom and playfulness. I felt like I was 10 years old again cruising on my pink bike with purple streamers.

It was an experience that made me feel like I was living intentionally. I was mindful of the all the sights, sounds, and smells. I listened closely to the cool historical facts our tour guide shared. I immersed myself fully in the moment and in the culture and beauty of our environment.

I realized that the reason I was able to fully experience all the fabulousness of the tour was because I was practicing extreme self-care and tapping into my intuition.

I constantly checked in with myself. I asked, “What do you need in this moment? Do you need to pedal slower and cruise? Do you feel like you want to challenge yourself up this hill?”

When it came to the food, I did the exact same thing. I delighted myself by taking in every delicious, authentic taco. I would pay attention to the colors and observe the texture. I smelled every taco and swooned. I took a deep breath and tasted every morsel, often screaming out “YUM!!” or “Yaaassss, I am living my best life right now!”

And again, I would check back in with myself and ask, “Are you getting full? Does your body feel good right now? If you continue to eat, will your body feel at ease getting back on a bike to pedal for another couple of miles?”

I found that the more attentive I was with myself; the more I enjoyed every moment of the tour. I left every taco stand feeling nourished, satisfied, cared for, and ready to take on the next big hill. I allowed myself to fully feel pleasure within a fabulous experience because I know I’m worth that and more.

When asked how I’ve healed my issues with low self-esteem and dieting, I can honestly say that it’s because I’ve allowed myself to live my birthright; pleasure through experiences.

Because of that, I would like to share a way for us to connect and work together. My signature program is a one-day intensive in Los Angeles where we get to work one-on-one in a deep dive environment for an entire day. We will get clear on what you want more of in your life and I will curate an entire day focused around adding all things pleasure, beauty, and ease to your life. The day will be an experience like no other filled with intuitive living, deep self-care, and pure fabulousity! If you are craving more radiance, freedom, elegance, and fun in your life- this is the experience for you!

If you are interested in learning more and want to have a free consultation with me you can click here

Sending you all my love and wishing you the most beautiful experiences this weekend!


Nina Daisy

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