5 Minutes of Fabulous: I am choosing to lie face down on the floor

Yup. This meme is LITERALLY capturing all my feelings right now.

Do you ever like your life feels busy as fuck or stagnate or just blah?

Have you considered lying face down on the floor?

All joking aside, I am all about that fab life and yet I still often feel like opting for lying face down on the floor.

Why? Well because life can feel really hard sometimes. And in full transparency, my fabulous ass has been going through it for a while.

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed in my work life and feel like I’m on that to-do list hamster wheel. Can you relate?

So I was thinking about my shitty overwhelm and I sat with it.

I even journaled about it. I journaled on it and didn’t pause mid-way through to check my Instagram feed.

I just decided to admit that I am overwhelmed and I am still fabulous.

Once I decided to admit the facts, I got super fired up to create some inspired action.

In the midst of the overwhelm, I understandably so, forgot about having fun.

Yes. FUN! What a concept!

I opened up my calendar and starting off slow: I began inserting micro-fun activities. Wait, what is micro-fun exactly?

Let me tell you… micro-fun is a small activity that takes 30 minutes or less to do.

They are super easy, little details that help create a fabulous life. They don’t create overwhelm, they just add more sparkle and ease.

What Micro-fun looks like for moi:

A 15 minute stroll

Watching a 30 minute episode of a funny show (right now I’m watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt, Master of None, Golden Girls)

Calling a friend for a 20 minute gab fest

Gossiping about The Bachelorette with co-workers

Flipping through a magazine while sipping tea

10 minute dance break to the musical stylings of Katy Perry’s new song “Swish Swish” and a Britney Spears' song that I am obsessed with called "Better”

3 minute dance break in my bra and panties while I get ready for a busy day at the office

Journaling rapid-fire style. In 5 minutes or less I make a list of everything and anything that is on my mind. When I’m done I feel like I lost 10 lbs.

A 10-20 minute bath with bubbles like the Kween Oprah Winfrey below

Then I like to proactively insert macro-fun into my calendar as my anchors. I’m talking about those fun activities that are the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

I like to make sure I have 1-2 of these scheduled especially when I feel like I’m flailing.

Here are a few of mine from this week + a couple of others:

Mani/pedi and sipping a glass of bubbly

An epic date night of fine dining with my BF to celebrate our anniversary

A bike ride

An 80’s dance class with a friend

A long-ass weekend nap- see my nap time selfie below

Living a fabulous life is all in the little details so what are you willing to do right now to create just a bit more sparkle in your life?

You literally LIGHT up my life when I hear from you so feel free to comment below.

Wishing you a weekend filled with fun, glitter, bubbly, and booty shakin!


Nina Daisy

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