5 Minutes of Fabulous: Treat yo Self: Retreat Edition

Hello and Happy Friday from New York City, babes! I am currently at a luxurious retreat focused all around self-love, resilience, and intuitive eating in the middle of Soho, Manhattan. (more on that later).

A couple of years back I took a risk and signed up for a one-day silent retreat through my local meditation studio. This was my first retreat experience and it felt really accessible.

The retreat was a one-day excursion in the LA area that included a full day of meditation exercises. It was extremely freeing to be silent for 12 hours with no access to my cell phone and to participate in various mindfulness techniques. The experience was rewarding and was my gateway into the retreat world.

Last year, I found myself questioning my purpose and starting to yearn for a better understanding of my passions and creative capabilities. I felt like I was on the verge of a breakthrough to a better understanding of myself and just like that, I was invited to join The Big Soul Retreat. This experience was a bit more advanced and intimidating than the one-day silent retreat that I did the year prior.

Big Soul is a four day, fully integrated retreat focused all around female entrepreneurship and leadership that took place in a gorgeous home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, California.

In full transparency, I was a little nervous going in because I was the only woman on the retreat that didn’t already own my own business. But I knew in my gut that the opportunity to attend was resonating with me for a reason and felt strongly that the experience was exactly what my soul needed to feel inspired.

And let me tell you, I was in for a real treat. I met exceptional women who are leading the charge in their fields and who fired me up in a new way! They inspired me so much and even encouraged me to share my message, my personality and essence with others. I left the four-day retreat with new friends, and a clear vision that I had to start 5 Minutes of Fabulous and share my mission with other female executives.

Going into this year, I want to challenge myself to participate in new opportunities where I can continue to learn more about myself. I want to listen more closely to my soul and also have a blast doing it!

I want to create more opportunities to increase my self-confidence while also allowing myself to be supported and make new connections. Which leads me to why I am in New York City today for the Master Your Life retreat. As I go through the experience and process it, I will be sure to share my learnings with you.

So I’m curious, would you ever be willing to consider signing yourself up for a retreat?

If so, would you want to participate in a yoga retreat?

Or something that is spa focused?

Does career and leadership interest you most?

Or an experience that is focused on self-love and self-care?

Does a one-day experience feel good to you? Or several days?

Would you want to stay local or do you need an excuse to get out of town?

Please share with me- have you ever thought about investing in yourself in this way?


Nina Daisy

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