5 Minutes of Fabulous: She's a Bad Mama Jama

Man, oh Man! I’ve been in some incredibly uncomfortable situations lately. Major changes happening at work, presenting to potential business partners, meeting new people and potential new friends are all making me feel some type of way. Do you know what I mean?

I find that in these types of situations I easily abandon myself. I get totally caught up in the person on the other end. Do they like me? Will they think I’m capable? Will they think my outfit is cute? Do they know how passionate and enthusiastic I am? Do they think I’m a total dud?

Do you find that when you’re meeting new people, interviewing for a new job, or going out on a first date (even on a friend date) that you put the person on the other side of the table on a pedestal?

Here’s an exercise that I use to show up and return to myself no matter what situation I am put in:

The How:

1. Prioritize your pleasure without guilt.


A beautiful, decadent lunch… conversations that unfold into hours of laughs…a perfectly frothed cappuccino… a passionate kiss…a picnic…a bubble bath…reading a book outside in the sun…the perfect lipstick color…a perfectly paired Champagne with oysters…an evening stroll.

I find that when I prioritize my pleasure that it takes the pressure off when I’m put into uncomfortable situations at work or in my personal life.

What small pleasure could you add to your day today?

2. Remind yourself that no matter the outcome of any situation that you always have yourself. That’s right. YOU, my darling.

3. Sing and dance to self-love songs in your car, at home, at a dance club, or a dance class. When you do that you are affirming your self-love and declaring that you will show up for yourself no matter what.

Need some help here? I got you! Listen to my “I <3 Myself!” playlist here

The Why:

Pleasure gives you clarity, it refreshes and rejuvenates, and it keeps you ahead of the curve. Pleasure sends you on wonderful journeys and can always bring you back to your heart and soul. The singing and dancing to fabulous songs just locks it all in.

How Often Should I Do it:

Every goddamn day (if you want to)! I highly recommend this line of thinking especially if you are dating or interviewing for a new job. Both situations inherently make us think that the person or people on the other side are the decision makers and we put them up on a pedestal.

If you take away one thing away from this week’s 5 Minutes of Fabulous, I hope that it’s a reminder that no matter the situation or its outcome, that you always have your heart, your soul, and an on-going love affair with yourself!

Sounds cray to me:

Well, it’s up to you: a life without pleasure or a life that includes pleasure. You have nothing to lose if you decide to prioritize the relationship you have with yourself.

Know someone who is dating and is totally freaking out? Or do are you up for that new job or promotion and you totally bugging? Share with me in the comments below.


Nina Daisy

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