5 Minutes of Fabulous: Play Yo Range, Honey!

I believe that the first week of May is a beautiful time; it’s the halfway point between spring and the beginning of summer. So during this time I like to jot down some intentions for the month. While doing this I started to notice how my intentions seemed almost contradictory. I also noticed that my range was coming out in FULL force. My intention list made me feel like I’m figuratively bi-polar and two-faced, like I am Mary J. Blige but also Audrey Hepburn. (clearly my confidence is showing up here)

But when looking at my intentions (see below) I smiled, because I’ve learned to accept my range. Not so long ago, I only accepted the good feelings: like the fact that I’m happy-go-lucky and love to be social, but I would totally reject the fact that I get anxiety in big crowds and on most days feel like I hate everyone and everything.

I would hide this darker side of myself and shove it way down as though it didn’t exist. Once I decided to accept that I have a range, that I’m not just one thing, I intended to play it to my advantage, baby.

If I had you over for coffee and treats (always treats because I’m neat, petite, and ready to eat) we’d sit on my sofa and this is what I would share with you:

1. I’m so over myself right now but I’m also excited about the future of 5 Minutes of Fabulous. I am currently working on some new offerings and feel super excited about sharing them with you. Simultaneously, I also can’t stand the sound of my own voice. I’m craving authenticity and strive to keep it real with you (and myself) via this newsletter and on my social channels. Sometimes it just feels like too much posting and too much connection to my devices, can you relate?

2. I am happy-go-lucky but also hate everyone and everything and often don’t want to leave my house. I’m the same girl that loves to go out dancing and has the loudest cackle in the crowd, but I actually have major anxiety in big crowds. I’m also aware that I get so much joy from staying home and vegging out. I make absolutely no apologies for feeling this way and if you feel the same, I want to encourage you to embrace it too!

3. I am all about living a luxurious, fabulous, and decadent life and yet I just recently bought myself my first bra. You read that correctly, I’ve been wearing hand-me-down bras for my entire adult life. Yup, I’m serious. I’ve been giving all this advice about feeling fabulous and yours truly has been wearing some old, crusty-ass bras. I decided enough was enough, headed to Nordstrom for a private bra fitting, and had the most enjoyable experience. The sales gal picked out beautiful options for me based on the direction I gave her- she even stayed in the fitting room with me and helped me put them on. It was a dream and I walked out with 6 new gorgeous, sexy bras and it made me feel fabulous. Also, knowing that you are finally wearing your right bra size is liberating AF. Best believe the second I got home those old bras got the heave ho.

4. I am structured and a planner, but also a whoo whoo crystal goddess.

As you know I’m a hard-working executive who is very type-A. But I am also eclectic, quirky, and love anything whoo-whoo. If you are in LA, stay tuned for an invite to my next new moon goddess gathering.

5. I am the same girl that will spend money on a high-end avant-garde headband but also never buys anything that’s full price.

Yup. I am spendy and thrifty. I will buy something that brings me joy in a heartbeat and I will also hunt for deals and buy vintage. I used to reject the idea that I was thrifty and one of my biggest fears was being perceived as cheap. Because of this fear, I would go totally over the top with my spending that it wouldn’t feel good. Like that feeling when you eat food that is too rich for your stomach, do you know what I mean? Once I started to own my thrifty-ness, I’ve become much more in tune with aligning with my feelings and my intuition when it comes to spending my money.

What qualities do you reject? What dark feelings do you tend to ignore? Have you thought about your range? Are you willing to consider accepting your range?

Share with me in the comments below- I would to know more about your range!


Nina Daisy

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