5 Minutes of Fabulous: How would I spend my day if I were already thin, confident, & blissful?

This past week has been pretty exhausting and I’ve been disappointed with how I’ve been treating myself. I’ve lacked self-compassion and have been judgmental of my feelings, the fact that I haven’t exercised, and my overall laziness.

I’ve been struggling with my emotional self-care. You may be wondering, what the hell is that? My definition of emotional self-care is the active maintenance of your inner stability and balance.

So while feeling like a bit of a mess (can you relate?) I had a session with my lifestyle coach, Jamie Mendell (who is the absolute best BTW and you can check out her work here). I talked candidly with her about how elements of my life at work and in my relationships with friends and family feel totally out of my control. I talked about how in the midst of these feelings of messiness, I created more chaos for myself. Out of nowhere, I put myself on a restricted diet, a workout plan, and filled my schedule to the brim.

I was (and still am) triggered by the messiness in my life and cope by trying to hyper control and manipulate my body. Instead of feeling my disappointment or accepting my own fatigue, I wanted to distract myself by punishing my body.

My hope for this post is to share my truth with you and to publicly apologize to my body. I also want to thank her for all the years that she has taken on my emotional burdens when I couldn’t look at what was really bothering me.

So instead of restricting her or pushing her to move when she doesn’t want to, I’m going to ask her more questions and listen to her answers. The one question I’ve been asking myself lately is,“How would I spend my day if I were already thin, confident, elegant, blissful, and lovable?“

What that looks like for me is a day filled with ease and beauty. I would wear a stunning outfit that makes me feel beautiful. I would enjoy gorgeous meals al fresco with people I love. I would take a mindful stroll, bask in the sunshine, notice colorful flowers. Make time to have moments of solitude to meditate or read a book. I would genuinely connect with colleagues, clients, and friends. I would go to a dance class and move my body in a way that feels fun. Drinking really good wine would be a must and ending the day with a bubble bath would be mandatory.

The amazing thing is that absolutely nothing is stopping me from incorporating these elements into my life right now.

So now it’s your turn. If you already had your “perfect” job, that promotion, the partner of your dreams,or were at your ideal weight, how would you spend your day?

Feel free to write to me or share in the comments below.


Nina Daisy

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