5 Minutes of Fabulous: Girl, I'm spendy.

Happy Friday Gorgeous!

So let's tawk. I'm spendy. I love to shop. I used to really love buying tons of clothes, shoes, make-up, purses, and tchotchkes. And don't get me wrong, sometimes I still do. And the reason I think I did this is because I was constantly searching for happiness and peace. For the majority of my life I have looked outside of myself for love, excitement, and acceptance and shopping always made me feel those things. (For a couple of hours, at least).

But what I can say now is that the desire to have tons of everything has shifted. For the last year, I've been really into the concept of only spending my money, time, and energy on things that bring me joy.

And what I realized is that only a few beautiful, coveted things light me up, not tons. And more importantly, I started to notice that all the love, peace, and radiance I was hunting for can't be found at Nordstrom Rack, but actually already lives inside of me.

Can you relate? Do you feel like you have a home or a life filled with things that totally turn you on or bring a smile to your face? Or do you find that you have a closet filled with tons of options but nothing to wear? Shoes that have seen their better days and are just taking up space?

Even now, I find myself assessing what I have going on in my life as well as in my apartment to make sure that it aligns with my joy. And P.S. best believe I have some shoes that either need some major TLC from my cobbler or need to be donated to my local charity.

I've been thinking a lot about the purchases I've made that really bring me joy. That light me up. That make me feel more ease and add more fabulous to my life. The purchases that left me feeling no regrets and perfectly aligned with who I am and who I want to be.

Here are the 5 most fabulous things I've bought this year:

1. Calm App Membership: Part of my morning routine is getting up 30 minutes before my boyfriend for some alone time. I shuffle out to the living room, light a few candles, and plunk my ass down on the couch to meditate for about 10-15 minutes. I use the daily mediation on this app because it's different everyday and helps me start my day off with introspection and flow. I know that spending $40 on an app may seem frivolous, but the cost per use on this app is unmatched.

2. Nespresso Machine + Milk Frother: It took me quite some time to get on the Nespresso train because I love making french press coffee and wasn't sure that I would actually use the machine and pods. But I have to admit that I am so glad that we decided to make the investment in one. Both me and my boyfriend love coffee, especially espresso and cappuccinos, and this little machine makes them perfectly in just 25 seconds. It has made mornings more seamless and more pleasurable (sometimes I even take my almond milk latte with me into a morning bubble bath!)

3. Subscription to the Sunday New York Times: As a kid I loved reading the paper with my parents. The calendar aka the arts, style, and cooking sections were my jam. It made me feel very grown up and sophisticated (even when my fingers were dirty from the ink) to read the paper. Obviously, not much has changed. Sunday mornings are now filled with my own version of the "adult" ritual: my boyfriend and I on the couch for 5 hours reading the paper and sipping way too much espresso. Investing in the Sunday paper is one of those purchases that makes me feel like the person that I actually want to be: cultured, well read, and savvy.

4. Vitamix: SPOILER ALERT this was a big purchase. I was lusting after the Vitamix for years and with no plans or desire to get married anytime soon, realized I wasn't going to live my life waiting for someone to maybe buy this off of my imaginary registry. I put some money aside for a couple of months, took my sweet behind to Costco, bought this puppy and never looked back. I love to cook. I love ease, seamlessness, and simplicity. The Vitamix is all that and more. It makes my Sunday evening meal prep a breeze. It makes early morning, rushed breakfasts delightful. If it spoke, I'd consider taking it out on a date. If making smoothies, ice cream, hummus, soups, fresh whipped cream, pesto, or anything else that is super tasty, is something that you enjoy, I would highly suggest getting your sweet lil paws on a Vitamix.

5. Travel: Gotta save the best for last, baby. Investing in travel is investing in yourself and your soul. The best money I have ever spent has been on traveling and going on an adventure. This year I am headed to Paris in September for my first solo international trip. I'm headed to the city of love by myself because I love my own company and am excited about taking my relationship with myself to the next level. Of course, I will share all the prep and the adventures along the way with you!

What are some of your most fabulous purchases? Or better yet, what have you been lusting after that brings you joy every time you think of it?

Please share with me in the comments below.

Love and cherish you,

xo Nina Daisy

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