5 Minutes of Fabulous: Los Angeles

I didn't always love LA. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley aka The Valley and remember many nights cruising Ventura Blvd. with my friends where we talked about moving away to places like New York, Boston, or San Francisco.

I couldn’t get out faster. I decided to move to San Francisco for college and thought I’d never turn back. Until, of course, LA (and the Universe) called for me to head back home to take my first job at the height of the recession in 2010. Once I moved back and started working, I began to open myself up to this fascinating city.

In a span of one week I would be downtown at a Laker’s Game, by the beach in Venice sipping sake with friends and taking drunk strolls around the Venice canals, or hiking/gossiping at Fryman Canyon with my bestie.

I began to recognize that a place I once thought was vapid and dry started to feel like a FABULOUS vessel for fun and exploration.

Here are 5 fabulous LA adventures that I would like to share with you:

Sip a cocktail at Wood & Vine and then head over to The Pantages to take in a musical.

Cinespia hosts movie screening events all over LA. They are known for movie events at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery which in my opinion is the perfect Saturday night outing. You watch a flick, bask in the warm weather, and pack a picnic- it's literally LA perfection. Recently, my boyfriend and I have been really into their indoor screenings at historic theaters all over LA that make us feel like we are living in the golden age of cinema. The pic above is from their most recent screening event.

Take in some live music at The Dresden while you sip a pink poodle cocktail. The Dresden is a magical place, known for being the “place to be” in the film Swingers. We love to come here and watch Marty and Elaine, a married couple, that have been performing jazz songs at The Dresden for over 40 years.

Spa + Dinner= My favorite type of outing

Option #1: Raven Spa + Kismet

Option#2: The Now + La Otra Escuela Taqueria

Do you ever crave being craftsy? Or feel like you just want to color or paint something? I feel that way all the time and one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon is at Color Me Mine for a painting session and then lunch at Momed Middle Eastern restaurant (the avocado hummus is to die for).

I am working on being more open to new opportunities and inviting in beauty, exploration, and fun into my life.

My hope for this post is to inspire you to try new things in your city.

You can find beauty wherever you are- so what’s stopping you?

I would love to hear about some of your favorite adventures in your city! Do you live in LA and feel like you are stuck in a rut? Would you be open to trying something new in your town?

Share with me in the comments below!


Nina Daisy

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