5 Minutes of Fabulous: 5 Ways to Make Your Work Space as Fab as you are!

I’ve worked in all types of spaces. I’ve shared a cubicle with two other people (seriously).

I’ve worked from home, I’ve sat at communal desks, and from my own office.

For years, I showed up at work and pushed myself to complete exhaustion. Working long hours, running on below empty, with no pleasure to be found in my workplace or in my life really. Because of this, I wasn't showing up as my best self or putting out my best work.

Once I realized that I actually strive and shine when I add self-care, love, and fabulousity to my daily routine, I realized that I am worthy of working in a beautiful space.

I found that once I made the space around me more inspiring, I could feel myself being more productive, creative, light and successful. When you surround yourself with what brings you joy and makes you feel elegant, you are bound to show up in life and in work with elegance and radiance.

I challenge you to add a bit more beauty to your workspace regardless of the set-up.

Here the 5 things that I did to make my space feel fabulous, light, and inspiring:

1. General fabulous rule of thumb: surround yourself with what brings you joy. For me, that means art books, vintage Rolling Stone covers with women who I admire (Bette Midler and Tina Turner), and positive affirmation art (see my hustle poster above)

2.Add a crystal to your desk. I have a few and they represent positive energy, abundance, and self love (quartz & rose quartz are awesome). Sometimes when I feel totally overwhelmed, I will hold one of my crystals and take a deep breath.

3. Essential oils or a candle- I can’t light a candle in my corporate office building, but I have a rose essential oil roller that I keep at my desk to sniff during my day. I love the smell and sniffing it just brings a smile to my face. When I work from home, I always light a candle and put on my essential oil diffuser.

4. Living greenery- plants, flowers- I don’t know about you, but flowers bring me so much joy! Fresh flowers are fabulous, but I also have a succulent plant in my office as well as faux flowers. Whatever floats your boat, babes!

5. Pictures – on days when things feel bleak, I love to look up at pictures of my boyfriend, my family, and my friends. Another suggestion I have is to have a picture of yourself at your desk when you were really blissful- perhaps a picture from a vacation or on your birthday.

Are you willing to consider beautifying your space? Do you think that if you are surrounded by things that bring you joy that you will be more successful? What are some treasures that come to mind for you? Do you have a favorite candle or flower that would be willing to consider adding to your workspace?

Share with me!


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