5 Minutes of FABruary: Romance

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. Mostly because I’m a bit left of center and get really uncomfortable when I feel like I have to participate in social norms, especially ones that can make people feel bad. But I do love presents, romance, and celebrating life in general. I feel really lucky that for the last 9 years, my partner has indulged me in either pre or post Valentine’s day treats. But in all honesty, I really try to prioritize fun and romance in my everyday life.

I swoon over whimsical over the top romance.

Romance that you can find in old movies.

Romance that starts with a dance and ends in twirl and a dip.

Kissing under the stars and being whisked off to Paris at a moments notice is the type of romance that I dream of.

The fantasy is oh so sweet and I feel confident that whether you are single, dating, or married that you can create this type of whimsical romance for yourself!

Watching old movies always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It makes me long for the days of pomp and circumstance and grand gestures. Some of my favorites include: Sabrina, Funny Face, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Auntie Mame, Carmen Jones.

When I get home from work I like to make myself a decaf cappuccino and listen to jazz. It feels so romantic to slow down, disconnect from technology, and just be. It's the time for me to create the space to savor my warm beverage and my relaxing tunes. Here is one of my favorite playlists that I would like to share with you.

Solo date night is my jam! Every month I get dressed up, take myself out for a gorgeous meal and cocktail, and head to the theater. I do this because I love it. And because, if you can’t romance yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

Champagne all the time! I love champagne with my pizza. I love champagne on a Monday night when my boyfriend and I watch The Bachelor. I think that life is just waiting for us to celebrate it so why not start with some bubbles?

I think a picnic is always romantic. This could be an indoor picnic at home (which I do all the time), at your local park, the beach, or an outdoor movie screening (Cinespia is my favorite!). I head to a specialty grocer like Joan’s on Third, The Larder, or Larchmont Wine and Cheese shop and I’ll pick up yummy meats, salads, and rose. When was the last time you picnicked? Do you find it romantic to eat al fresco?

Do you crave over the top romance? If so, can you think of how you can incorporate more romance into your life?

Can you start doing fun romantic things with your friends? Maybe grab a friend for a beautiful picnic?

Or could you create the space to sip a warm beverage, listen to some Billie Holiday, and just love yourself in that moment?

Hope that you enjoy some of my favorite old movie picks and that the jazzy tunes bring out all the whimsical, romantic vibes that you are craving!

Love you forever and always.



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