FABruary: 5 Fabulous Things

Yum, right? This was the gorgeous brunch I had with a very sweet friend of mine this past weekend. During our brunch, we talked about life, love, work and our passion for travel. Both of us agreed that when we travel, we feel more free and open to new people and experiences. My friend talked about the ease she feels around meeting new friends and even trying new foods when she travels and recognized that she feels the opposite here at home.

So we started to talk strategy: How do we bring that openness and freedom that we feel when traveling to our everyday lives?

Here are the 5 fabulous things that we came up with that bring us wanderlust, adventure, and fun in our everyday lives (and hopefully will do so for you too!):

1. Become your own version of a food critic

I don't know about you, but whenever I travel I try all types of restaurants, new foods, and local delicacies. At home I like to try new restaurants all the time. I often reference the Eater Blog to find out about new spots. This month I plan on trying the French transplant restaurant Laduree.

2. Try a new ritual

In France, the French visit their local markets daily. Buying fresh produce and baguette is a ritual. In London, afternoon tea is a ritual for the English to slow down and savor the afternoon.

This weekend, instead of watching the Super Bowl, I am getting together with my girlfriends for a traditional high tea service. I can't wait to embrace a ritual with the remarkable women that I get to call my friends.

3. Late night spa night with a BFF, lover, or alone

Some of my favorite spas:

Tomoko Spa

Olympic Spa

Aire Spa

4. Visit a museum or a local landmark

I always do this when I travel and I rarely do it on a local level. In the month of FABruary, I plan to use my new LACMA membership and visiting the iconic Stahl house (pic above)

5. Hit the Town

Let me tell you, I'm not a night owl, but I never let that stop me from having a fun night out with friends. My point is, if you are craving adventure and connection, there is nothing like getting dressed-up and diving into the fun of a night at a candle lit cafe, a live show (I prefer theater or drag show), speakeasy, or a dance club.

This month my better half and I are joining our friends for a pop-up communal dinner in a warehouse where we will meet new people and bring our own wine.

Do you feel more open and ready for adventure when you travel? Have you thought at all about how you can bring up those fabulous feelings in your everyday life? Can you think of one new activity that you would be open to putting on your calendar? If so, what lights you up most? How can you create space in your life for more freedom and adventure? Are you craving to plan a trip?

Please share with me what is coming up for you around adventure- are you craving more of it in your life? Feel free to reply to this email and connect with me.

May this weekend bring you all the adventure, freedom, fun, and fabulous that you have ever wished for.


Nina Daisy

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