5 Minutes of Fabulous: Have it All, darling!

I don’t know about you, but the struggle has been real for me this week. A lot of aspects of my life feel out of my control and it’s making me uncomfortable as all hell. Can you relate?

I have pending deals in my business that are making me feel anxious but also cautiously optimistic.

I currently have no vacations or fun day trips to look forward to. This is making me feel sad and annoyed with myself that I haven’t gotten my act together on making travel and adventure a priority.

I’m not getting enough sleep and am feeling grumpy which has created some disjointed communication in my relationship.

While all this is happening in one week, I keep getting served images on my Instagram and Facebook feeds about the concept that you can’t have it all. I even got served an affirmation from my favorite positive affirmation app saying “You can have it all, just not all at the same time.” This really annoyed me.

I want to say here and now that I really want to have it all. (The video above of me eating an epic bagel with lox & schmear and dancing while chewing is a moment where I really have it all).I crave perfection and I crave it badly. I want my life to feel like a beautiful gift, perfectly wrapped up in a gold sparkly bow.

In the midst of all the anxiety, discomfort, sadness, and grumpy vibes, I started to wonder, “Do I maybe already have it all and I don’t even realize it?” What I think “having it all” means is that sometimes life is messy and really uncomfortable while other times are blissful and filled with ease.

To be honest with you, I’m not really sure. But what I do know for sure is that I have the tools to help me get “there”- wherever that is. Sometimes I imagine it’s like the City of Oz in “The Wizard of Oz”, when Dorothy goes from a world of black and white to color.

I like to think I’m on the journey to “having it all” and some of these easy tools help to make it that much sweeter.

1. The “Jesus or Moses Take the Wheel” Tool

Carrie Underwood was on to something when she sang, “Jesus Take the Wheel” with a country twang. When things feel icky and out of my control, I often find myself going into perfectionism mode. I feel desperate to make everything neat and nice and it always makes things worse. When this happens, I make the conscious decision to let go and I ask the Universe/My Intuition/God (I use these 3 interchangeably- you can use whatever floats your boat) to take “this” from me. Today I said out loud in my office “Universe please take this anger and frustration from me and help me let go of making this situation perfect.” I often find that once I decide to let shit go everything else falls into place.

2. My “Have It All” Playlist

Music feeds my soul so when things feel icky I put on my “Have it All” playlist. I specifically curated these songs to bring me joy and to remember that I can have it all and even more too! I hope they make you feel the same way. Playlist here

3. The List of Wants

I personally enjoy journaling and I love writing out a list of all my wants stream of consciousness style. When I feel upset or disappointed nothing feels better to me than putting pen to paper. I often feel like when I write out my wants (no matter how decadent, frivolous, or unnecessary ) that I am validating my desires and in that moment I actually feel like I have it all.

My list takes up a long page and here is a peek at my list (just a taste):

1.A new dress that I’ve been fawning after- it’s vintage and stunning and looks like something Sophia Loren would wear

2.Book a gorgeous trip for my birthday

3.To feel peace and ease in my career

4.Chic new chairs for our living room that will make the space feel zen (at the time of this newsletter, this want has become reality!!!)

5.A date night with my boo thang

What are your feelings around having at all? When was the last time you thought about your wants (big and small)? Would you be willing to consider asking the universe/your intuition to take the wheel when you have challenging feelings come up? How much are you willing to let go of in order to have it all ?

May you dance around to the Have it All playlist and know that in that blissful moment of shaking your tush you already have it all.


Nina Daisy

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