5 Minutes of Fabulous!: Passion (Less than 5 mins to read)

Within the last week, the topic of passion has been coming up in almost every conversation that I've had. That includes passion in relationships, passion in our careers, and passion for things that just light us the fuck up in life!

I don't know about you, but I used to believe that in order to be happy I had to be 1000% passionate about my job. I put all this pressure on myself and my career to bring me all the satisfaction and creative expression that I had always dreamed of. As you can imagine, I learned pretty quickly that all those expectations were a recipe for disaster.

Considering it's the holiday season, I decided to create a list and I checked it twice! This is a list focused all around my pleasure and most importantly, what I am passionate about right now. I feel strongly that my passions and hobbies are a direct representation of my soul and that the more soulful I can be in my life, the more successful I feel overall.

Today I would like to share my passion list with you and give you the details of how I incorporate them into my everyday life.

List O' Passions (okkkrrr):

Musical Theater- my musical theater dance class and my season tickets to the theater bring me so much bliss. Every time I dance to a song from Cabaret or Kinky Boots I feel like a shining star. I grew up performing and by making the time to incorporate this hobby into my schedule, I feel more connected with my inner child than I ever have before.

Singing- I have always loved to sing. I started taking singing lessons when I was 6 years old and stopped when I went off to college. I am elated to say that I signed myself up for signing lessons and will be starting at the beginning of 2017. Stay tuned for some potential tunes from me!

Travel- ahhh! I really live for traveling. From weekend trips to planning out epic adventures abroad, traveling has always fed my soul and has provided me with some of my happiest memories. I often feel like traveling recalibrates my entire being and have been told that when you feel uncertain about life, the best thing to do is TRAVEL!

Exploring LA- I LOVE living in LA and I can spend hours reading about new restaurants, museum exhibits, fun workout classes, Korean or Russian Spas, and new cafes and tea rooms. There is something so romantic about the history and glamour of old Hollywood and I feel strongly about taking advantage of all the beauty that this special city has to offer.

Cooking- Trying new, simple recipes are my steez! I love the challenge of trying a recipe from the Barefoot Contessa or something that caught my eye on Pinterest. I also enjoy sharing these meals with people that I love and pretending that I am the Jewish Martha Stewart. One way that I want to incorporate more of this passion into my life is by hosting friends and family for award show viewing parties, taco nights, game nights, and movie screenings.

Entertainment- movies, new tv shows, and music= LOVE LOVE LOVE. My co-workers refer to me as the Entertainment Guru because of how obsessed I am. I even find that my passion lends itself to my business as I work very closely with entertainment studios and they know I'm their go-to for a review on the newest film or series.

When I feel lost and/or sad in my job or my relationships, I always come back to this list. When I get clear about my hobbies and tap into them, they always guide me back to my FABULOUS.

Have you thought about what you are passionate about lately? When someone asks you what your hobbies are, do you blank out? What did you enjoy doing as a child? Can you incorporate that into your life now?

I want to hear from you- feel free to share with me what is coming up for you when you think about your passions.


Nina Daisy

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