5 Minutes of Fabulous!: How to Become the Kween of New Year's Eve

Let me tell you, I've had some pretty shitty New Year's Eve experiences. I've paid hundreds of dollars for a ticket to a skanky nightclub, I've felt so uncomfortable that I drank so much tequila that I got sick and blacked out before midnight. I've even spent an entire New Year's Eve looking for someone to kiss and was left feeling so much shame and completely unloveable.

A couple of years ago, I decided enough was enough. I declared that I would become the Kween of New Years Eve and would only do things that feel authentic to me and of course, simply fabulous. Here are some steps that I practice every year that help me OWN my NYE:

1. Start Early & Visualize: About a month out, I welcome in a visualization of NYE into my meditation practice. I create the time and space to ask myself, what sounds good? How do I want to celebrate? Who do I want to celebrate with? I even try to visualize how I want to feel and what I want to look like too!

2. Verbalize: Once I have a clear vision of what feels and sounds good to me I share it with the people that I love most. More often than not, the people that love us most want to help make our visions and dreams a reality. For me, that means sharing my NYE vision with my boyfriend, my friends, and my momma.

3. Take Action!: There is no time like the present! Make that dinner reservation early! Scour the internet and look for fun things that are happening in your area on NYE. I also like to check out online communities for global meditations on New Years Day and for goal setting programs.


Traditional Japanese Spa

Goals with Soul Online Program

Vision Meditation to help me visualize for NYE

Have you started thinking about NYE? How do you want to feel on New Year's Day? Do you want to lay low and spend the evening pampering yourself? Does going out with friends and dancing the night away sound more up your alley? I would love to hear from you and connect on how you plan to set yourself up for success on an evening that often leaves us feeling unfulfilled.

Sending you virtual confetti poppers (these are my favorite) and a beautiful bottle of Veuve Clicquot!


Nina Daisy

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